The 35L Rule

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By nature hackers are hoarders. Encouraging Hackers to use a limited amount of space means we can make wise decisions about what we really want to keep at the space.

Each member is entitled to limited storage, and bigger projects by negotiation.

The letter of the rule

  • ONLY members may store projects at the Hackspace
  • Each member may have a 35L Jelly type Box with lid
  • The box is provided by the Hackspace, members do not bring their own 35L box. his is just to make sure they all stack.
  • A member will be considered to have left the space 4 months after no longer paying a membership fee by Standing Order.
  • Do Not go through another members box with out their express permission.
  • Members who pay £20 or more in membership fees may (for now) buy additional boxes of the same type
  • Hackers may increase their membership payments to increase their storage space by negotiation.
  • The Hackspace should not become overrun with parts for projects in progress and "DO NOT HACK" signs for projects that never get started

The two box system

  • There are a couple of large grey boxes in the space, which serve to filter donations. One of these boxes is "active", and all donations should be placed into it.
  • Any member (see rule 1) may take anything from the two grey boxes and hack it, or put it in their personal 35L box to hack later.
  • Periodically, these boxes are sorted and useless stuff thrown away. Useful items like magnets, motors etc will be filtered into the "Wall O' Boxes" where the Hackspace consumables are kept for later use by members.
  • The hackspace as a whole may also take things from the box system to be stored for later use.

Bigger Projects

  • Check on the Google Group if it's ok to bring a larger project down
  • The more space you take up the more you should be paying based on Rule 1
  • Michael E is not allowed to bring a UBoat into the Hackspace