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Manufacturer Axminster
Model CC10T
Obtained 2019 (May2019)
Location Dusty Area
Team Woodworking
Induction Required Yes (use request form)
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Status Defunct
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Link to newer version manual



The major hazard is having loose clothing or fingers pulled into the rotating blades, the antikickback mechanism will stop anything entering the thicknesser from being pulled free. DO not wear any loose clothing, feel free to stop anyone using the tool with baggy sleeves or jumpers, hoodies with tassels or drawstrings. Wear hearing protection and a dust mask in use, connect the exhaust port to one of the vacuum dust collectors available in the workshop.

Make provision for supporting the work as it passes through the machine, either mate to collect the timber on the far side or outfeed supports.

Reclaimed Timber

buried Nails, grit, glass shards or anything sharp will permanently damage the blades causing lengthy downtime and expense, please ensure ant timber is free from all such debris before using the thicknesser with it.


Set the blade height with the top handle, feed in the timber from the feed side (note the depth gauge) KEEP HANDS AWAY FROM THE MOUTH OF THE TOOL. if work becomes trapped, switch off, alow the motor the stop raise the blade such the work can be safely removed.

Note that the anti-kickback "teeth" will grip anything in the tool from being pulled back until the blade is well above the work.


The unit is kept under the wheeled purpose-built cart, the cart has four locking casters for stability. and the whole thing can be stowed under the bench.

The Thicknesser has two recessed lifting handles on either end, it is very heavy.

Setting Up

Move to a safe working area where there is room for infeed and outfeed and you can easily move around the machine to feed and retrieve your work while processing. lock the castors. Shuffle the unit from its storage cart until grab handles are accessible and lift onto the top surface.


detailed operating instruction in the manual