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Stuck for something to do in the space? Pick something off the list below and do it! Feel free to add anything you want to this list!

The List

Job Priority Category Notes I'll do it!
Secure fridge and move to entrance area 1 Break time #Fridge
Connect broadband and wifi 1 Network #Broadband Tony S - 21/02/2011
Install wired network in main room 1 Network #Network Tony S - 05/02/2011
Build server 1 Network #Server James - 09/02/2011


Add your thoughts, requirements and musings about a job here. If it gets too big, move it to a new page under this (for example, ***Todo/Fridge*** and change the link in the list above.


Need to add a combi lock to the fridge and move it to the entrance area to hold "soda"! Dominic is heading to the cash and carry, so what drinks do you want in here??

  • Diet Coke - James
  • Butch Diet Coke - Coke Zero/Pepsi Max - Dominic
  • Club Mate - They drink it in German Hackerspaces - Dominic
  • Do we want any chocolate or nibbles? - Dominic
  • Pepsi - Tony S


Dominic - do you want to add the details from the broadband company here?

Ok James I will... Please understand that I rang a large number of companies and the one who was easiest and quickest to work with was Opal. All the others I spoke to (a whole load) where good price or cheap monthly or short contract but didn't recognise our line and wanted to charge a large amount up-front for connection.

Our go live date is still the 21st Feb 2011 someone will need to be at the space from 08:00 till 12:00 to meet the engineer. Matt Little is currently under consideration! Dominic

I can be there if Matt can't, as I'll have to setup the modem & router etc anyway - Tony S


Linksys modem, connected to WRT54GL router running DD-WRT (VPN build). Will discuss requirements with hackspace members & setup accordingly.

  • Note this router is on loan from Tony S until the hackspace has a donation / purchases one / Tony moves in July.

Proposal: WiFi connection will be setup to use WPA2 with AES encryption, unless legacy equipment requires weaker encryption / protocols. VPN will initially be disabled, but can be enabled for future use / remote management when Broadband connection sharing goes live with Anthem Films etc. Anthem Films (and any other clients) will be on a separate VLan & WiFi channel, with monitoring of usage & MAC filtering as appropriate - details to be discussed & finalised prior to implementation. Servers will have reserved IP addresses outside of DHCP allocation - as can members if required. Port forwarding can be setup on request if required for specific services / projects.


Michael has donated everything we need to build a small, nearly-fanless machine - mini-ITX form factor. The only fan in there at the moment is the PSU, so I'll have a look around at how we can get/make a fanless PSU powerful enough to run it.

I'll put it all together on Wednesday, and hopefully get it all installed. It won;t have masses of hard drive spac, but it will do us for now!

I'll donate my Mini-ITX DC-DC PSU, case and a couple of HDDs - currently boots a Puppy Linux variant from a 32Mb CF card. --Michael Erskine 09:22, 4 February 2011 (GMT)

Naming Convention

As the number of permanent devices goes up, we should choose a scheme to name them. For example, London use names of people in Computing. List your suggestions below.

  • British Greats (such as Brunel, Newton, Darwin, Faraday, etc)
  • Great Astronauts
  • Local Greats

Entrance Area/Breakout Zone

Now that our pole dancing friends have painted the walls and cleared all the sofas out we have a number of task we need to do in this area.

  • Put another coat of paint on the walls
  • Repaint the floor?
  • Move fridge to this area and attach combi lock
  • Move kettle and other beverage preparation items
  • Should be able to run a tap into here from the room next door (which has running water? Drainage might be an issue)
  • Move the cinema seats in and build them (currently in 1st floor Workshop & 2nd Floor Post Room)
  • Move terracotta coloured sofa into this area and reupholster.
  • Make some big bean bags?
  • Get David's chairs plus possibly reupholster (to match sofa - important!)

Kitchen Area/Toilets

We should consider doing some work to make sure we have access to the kitchen area in future. If the large 1st Floor Workshop is being used it'd be good to have access to the kitchen. This could be achieved by knocking a door through from the shower room (currently locked for storage by Liam).

We also need to show some love to the toilets. I think a heater (of some kind) in both the ladies and the gents would be good. Maybe a wall heater for hot water? The gents has a massive whole in the ceiling. Could this be patched with a bit of plaster board or hard board and painted? Can the window be fixed? These are all worthwhile projects and would count towards volunteer work for TAO.