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Would you like to do something for the hackspace? There are usually some small jobs that need doing. You can help out by doing a job off the list below, remember the space is what its members make it. Feel free to add anything you want to this list!

Note Note: For major jobs with dates see our Action list

Perpetual tasks / Nice things to do for the Hackspace

Physical/practical tasks

Signage and information

  • Membership propaganda to pin board by window - --Dominic 22:55, 20 May 2011 (BST) To complete by 28/05/2011 - Is this done now? 07:50, 20 April 2012 (EST)
  • Members only on components
  • Resistor chart above components
  • Put up some "keep the hackspace tidy" signs

Non-room specific

  • Rewire lights, studio and office first


  • Airlock decorations, status panel


  • Tetris clock mounted on studio pillar
  • Nottingham local map to east window bay in studio, walking routes to stations, ATM, pubs, food, tesco, parking
  • Mobile phone charging station
    • iPhone charging: Hack USB hub PCB to apply 2.4 and 2.8 reference voltages to signal pins. iPhones won't charge without this. (Is this done yet -- Marcus 07:50, 20 April 2012 (EST))


  • Lots more power sockets in workshop!

Textiles Room





  • In the bathroom by the donations pot: "Donations to help us keep the hackspace clean". "This hackspace is cleaned by volunteers", "Help us pay for cleaning products", etc.
  • Possibly remove the paper from some walls in gent's loo (not easy to clean/unhygienic)

Members Storage Rooms


Bigger tasks

This section is to break down big jobs into more easily digested chunks if you want to.

  • Wooden, wall mounted donation boxes.

Website and wiki maintenance

  • Make google events calendar more used/widely known
  • Combine Nottinghack flickr stream and group?
  • We are creating a featured pages category on the wiki, so our best and most important stuff is readable without wading through scruffier notes. This also helps highlight some big gaps that need documenting before we forget about stuff.
  • Improve photo of the hackspace entrance on front page (ideally take a photo of the front door on sunny day with welcoming/inviting people/gestures).
  • First in-last out/ building rules

Wiki maintenance