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[20:33] <Elsen_> dm: email me please Mouse<br />
[20:33] <Elsen_> dm: email me please Mouse<br />
[20:33] <Elsen_> AOB: Rob M: No update<br />
[20:33] <Elsen_> AOB: Rob M: No update<br />
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[[Category:Member's_Meetings|^Year 04^]]

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[20:03] <Elsen_> Member's meeting September 3rd 2014
[20:04] <Elsen_> Roll Call: Dominic, Rob H, Vicki, Michel, Gareth, Kate, Toby, Rob M, Russell, Mouse
[20:04] <Elsen_> Apologies: Andrew (not armstrong)
[20:07] <Elsen_> Annoucements & Events for September
[20:08] <Elsen_> Pecha Kucha - 19/09, starting at 4pm, here. people give short talks on anything - 20 seconds for 20 slides. 6 minutes altogether.
[20:09] <Elsen_> DM & SRW are applying for a temporary license so we can run a bar.
[20:09] <Elsen_> Late Entry: David Clarke
[20:10] <LWK> Elsen_ Apologies from me, and ask Dominic to check the board email, i sent one a little while ago
[20:11] <Elsen_> SRW wil be generally organising it, but would appreciate any issues at all
[20:11] <Elsen_> any assistance appreciated at all
[20:11] <Elsen_> MF: what will the dance studio be like?
[20:12] <Elsen_> DM: they have been communicated with and will put their single dance person in the higher floor studio
[20:14] == kimjonggill [6d96572a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #nottinghack
[20:14] <Elsen_> Gareth: Creator Fair coming up on 20/21st, JF put app in but unable to attend, so GH/KB will run the stall. If anyone can step up and help volunteer/run the workshops would be much appreciated
[20:16] <Elsen_> Mouse: BMN this friday.
[20:16] <Elsen_> Mouse: would like to put together an emf presentation soon, so any photos/videos/anecdotes to Mouse ASAP
[20:17] <Elsen_> Mouse: When tentman is released, we'd like to do a showing of that as well
[20:19] <Elsen_> Actions: Nothing done about the Safety rep as of yet, rollover. Rotary tool is ordered and on its way, Rob M has contacted the Mixed Reality Lab. they are happy to have us visit, 15 people to go. Rob to get a list of 15 together
[20:20] <Elsen_> Minutes: all authorised
[20:20] <Elsen_> Financial Update: Nothing to update
[20:20] <Elsen_> Tools: Drills bought and batteries, gradually fed out into workshop, additional storage being arranged.
[20:21] <Elsen_> Some misc tools bought over the month.
[20:22] <Elsen_> Craft: Proposal to move sewing machines. any disagreements?
[20:22] <Elsen_> DM: has offered to email the building manager to check about the brown desk
[20:23] <Elsen_> Resources: Reminder, email Matt L just bought in pin headers, Lionel just got a bunch of nuts/bolts things and toilet paper/toilet brush etc
[20:23] <Elsen_> Could we get a new toilet seat? D
[20:24] <Elsen_> Action: DC will buy a toilet seat and fit a new one
[20:24] <Elsen_> Comms: newsletter is out, with 613 on the newsletter list.
[20:25] <Elsen_> Software: No update
[20:25] <Elsen_> Membership: we have 299 members now.
[20:26] -nh-holly:#nottinghack- Door opened by: DaveS (last seen 01h 14m 13s ago)
[20:26] <Elsen_> Membership: please be careful if you are checking address details because if you click too quickly you automatically accept the member before you've seen their bank info.
[20:26] <Elsen_> Safety: no update
[20:27] <Elsen_> Wiki: made a start on the tools audit
[20:27] <Elsen_> Late Entry: Andrew Armstrong enters
[20:28] <Elsen_> AOB: Kate - going to start pricing and figuring out new furniture for the comfy area that will be easy to clean and comfortable.
[20:28] <Elsen_> AOB: Rob: note reader is currently broken, as Daniel is the only one that can fix it and there's apparently a note jam
[20:28] <Elsen_> AOB: David C - nothing to report, plenty is ongoing
[20:29] <Elsen_> AOB: Soph - no update
[20:29] <Elsen_> AOB: Vicki: looking at reupholstering the chairs in the Studio
[20:29] <Elsen_> AOB: Gareth - no update
[20:29] <Elsen_> AOB: Andrew: resources team update - same to actual update.
[20:29] <Elsen_> AOB: Michel - no update
[20:31] <Elsen_> AOB: Russell: the issue with the Tig and the laser cutter. the tig's operation resets the rfid on the laser cutter so both cannot be used at once. Relevant people are looking to fix it, but really any help or insight needed and appreciated.
[20:31] <Elsen_> Request that you put the sign up when welding to stop people booking the laser cutter at the moment
[20:32] <Elsen_> Option may be to create a booking system for the welding that blocks out the laser cutter at the same time
[20:32] <Elsen_> Request that Rob can please place an item with the software team to look at developing this system
[20:33] <Elsen_> AOB: Toby - thank you to Sophie for the food and congratulations on the engagement
[20:33] <Elsen_> AOB: Mouse - van has been paid for, please can i be reimbursed
[20:33] <Elsen_> dm: email me please Mouse
[20:33] <Elsen_> AOB: Rob M: No update