Trustee Updates

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This page should help members see what's going down in the Hackspace in relation to the Trustees.

Granted, it's a little empty now, but they are working on that!


  • Got electricity meter readings corrected for unit G4 and a £314 credit note from bizspace


  • Several discussions & comms related to storage issues


  • Put up several different types of signage in the Hackspace


  • Wrote comms aimed at low paying members for Newsletter, Group & personalised emails
  • Added Adam to the Hackspace Bank Account


  • Agreed upon and bought Hackspace 2.5 supplies


  • Paid the cleaners


  • Started lots of signage posters
  • Sent Mouse money to help with fire pong
  • Kicked off election
  • Setup rota for regular Tuesday/Saturday 2.5 hacking sessions