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To contact an individual trustee, use their email from the table below.
To contact an individual trustee, use their email from the table below.
== Current Board ==
== Current Board of Trustees==
The area's of responsibility have fallen by the wayside a little, but will be set soon.
The area's of responsibility have fallen by the wayside a little, but will be set soon.

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The Hackspace is run by volunteers. A board of seven trustees give some of their spare time to ensure the space continues to run.

Just because a trustee seems to have an interest in a particular area, please don't assume that means you can't do things. Trustees are first and foremost members, and any work or space-wide projects that they take part in they do so as members.

You can always contact the entirety of the current board by emailing trustees@nottinghack.org.uk.

To contact an individual trustee, use their email from the table below.

Current Board of Trustees

The area's of responsibility have fallen by the wayside a little, but will be set soon.

Photo Board Member

David Clarke

Email: david.clarke@nottinghack.org.uk

Trustee since: 2012

Having been a trustee for two years, I think I've brought a different voice to discussions and decision-making concerning the continued development of the space. Being the most local of the current trustees, and often in the space during the day, I liaise with BizSpace, our building managers, and carry out a lot of minor housekeeping works within the space. My own projects are mainly concerned with infrastructure, and I also enable other members to find tools and supplies and help them understand how to use them safely. I'm also a member of the Tools team, and I regularly update the Wiki with information about infrastructure and tools.

David Hayward
Email: david.hayward@nottinghack.org.uk

Trustee since: 2011

I originally stood as a trustee because I was involved from the very beginning of Nottingham Hackspace, and wanted it to continue growing. Since then I've helped with some of the infrastructure and planning of the current hackspace, and run membership processes, ultimately handing them over to the software team who then developed HMS. I'm currently part of the membership team, and am interested in making the hackspace a more inclusive place rather than a boys club. I worry about dominant voices drowning out others, and spent most of 2013 advocating that we set up teams and encourage a larger group of members to be more involved in running the space.

Photo Coming Soon
Gareth Howell
Email: gareth.howell@nottinghack.org.uk

Trustee since: 2013

I decided to stand as a trustee because I wanted to get more involved in the running if the space. Having seen the space grow from the space near the station to our current space, I was really excited by what we could do. The things I mainly enjoy getting involved in at the space are workshops and events, and I run the Ukulele workshops on Thursday nights. I'm also part of the comms team, working on the newsletter and website.

Jake Howe
Email: jake.howe@nottinghack.org.uk

Trustee since: 2012

I became a Trustee because I decided I should give something back to the awesome space I had become a part of. I like to think of myself as a positive influence on the space and more importantly on the rest of the trustees. I often chair our members meetings and I help out with the Hackspace branding and marketing. I have ran a varied assortment of workshops over the years, you can normally find me making props, things out of leather, or more recently making a whole range of instruments.

James Hayward
Email: james.hayward@nottinghack.org.uk

Trustee since: 2011

I first became a trustee when we first became a proper limited organisation. I was scared that we would collapse in some way, and I needed to make sure that we didn't - and it seems to have worked pretty well! Since then, I've become the go-to guy for all things legal, which seems to take up an inordinate amount of my time and also terrifies me on an almost daily basis. Despite this encroaching fear, I still enjoy being a trustee, and I love to see the place grow and become a better place for everyone.

Kate Bolin
Email: kate.bolin@nottinghack.org.uk

Trustee since: 2012

I became a trustee because I'm focused on providing a space where members respect the tools, respect the space, and respect each other. I can be often found at the space giving tours to potential new members, helping out people with their membership queries, organising and cataloguing the Hackspace library, and occasionally blocking out a new shawl I knitted. I also help produce the monthly newsletter, update the website, and help out people with their events and workshops.

Photo Coming Soon
Matt Lloyd
Email: matt.lloyd@nottinghack.org.uk

Trustee since: 2011

As a founding member of NottingHack, I've always been involved in helping the space grow. As a trustee, I continue to help the space by keeping a close eye on the financial aspect, tracking what we have on hand, the current project commitments, as well as long-term budget predictions. These days I spend most of my time at the space working on infrastructure projects such as working on Gatekeeper, the system that operates the front door, to restoring the Bridgeport mill, to improving the metal-working area.


Board elections take place each May, and any member can stand for election.


There is currently a expenses policy under consideration.


Until 2011, Nottingham Hackspace didn't have an elected board.

Board Member Term
Dominic Morrow 2011 - 2013
Matt Little 2011 - 2012
Michael Procter 2011 - 2012
Michael Erskine 2011 - 2012