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Name David Hayward AKA David
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At the hackspace, I mainly mess around with bikes, cameras, games and the laser cutter. I'm equally comfortable fiddling with software or building stuff. I was once declared the Nottinghack crash test dummy due to the number of times I've hurt myself with bikes, snowboards, &c. For work, I run events for the videogames industry, and make kits to sell.

At present (Jan 20th) I'm nominally in charge of membership related stuff, but I'm keen to devolve that responsibility to a bigger group of people - partly because as we grow, that role takes more time, and because I'm generally in favour of spreading power and responsibility out rather than centralising them.


  • Bike maintenance
  • CAD (Draftsight)
  • Laser cutting, CNC milling
  • Photography
  • Level design, Unreal Engine
  • Joinery (Can teach basics)
  • Arduino development (Rank amateur)
  • Soldering (Beginner)
  • Unicycling (Beginner)
  • Rubik's Cube (Intermediate. Can teach you how to solve a standard 3x3, but Msemtd knows much better methods and can teach other types of cube too)

My Instructables

Some non-instructables projects are also on Youtube