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Name Ian Dickinson AKA Ian D
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  • Electronics
  • Musical things
  • Hacked gadgets


  • Electronics
  • Software



  • Nixie tube clock - I've now bought some tubes, so I guess I can say it's "in progress"!
  • Gieger counter


To do, one day:

  • Theramin
  • Cloud chamber
  • Lightning detector - there's lots of designs on the internet, but I particularly like the construction of this one by Martyn Fuller
  • Aurora detector - an ambition is to see the Northern Lights one day! There's a design here but I would adapt it to use a digital compass chip
  • Organ pipes - midi controlled
  • Tubular bells - midi controlled
  • Keytar
  • LED cube (8 x 8 x 8 or larger and RGB) - I made a 3 x 3 x 3 a while ago, but one day I plan to make a bigger one!
  • A gas flame thing - something like this
  • Do something with my Raspberry Pi - just not yet decided what!
  • Laser cutter - I intend to help where I can with the Hackspace DIY Laser build
  • Spend some time turning goblets and bowls on the wood lathe