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Wiki and User:Jonpatterns/template-tq, along with other projects that add to the knowledge commons.

My operating system of choice is Manjaro Linux. For social media I use Diaspora, a community run and open source project, my profile.

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If you have any questions please ask away...

List Defined Reference (LDR) misconception

Inline and list defined coded references are compatible and can be used in the same article. Not to be confused with the 'citation format' style that changes the article's appearance to the reader, this is about how references are defined in the wiki markup. From list defined reference article:

Another misconception is that there is an "either-or" choice between use of list-defined footnotes and in-line footnotes, and that all citations in an article must follow only one of the styles. In fact, Template:Tlx is entirely compatible with the use of in-line footnotes in the form Template:Tag or Template:Tag. Although use of both systems in the same article might appear confusing or undesirable, it is a fact that the two systems can be mixed indiscriminately with the template Template:Tlx.

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