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|Yes - In pot
|David Hayward
|David Hayward

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Eggbot Donations

Various people pledged money for the eggbot. Here's who and how much was pledged and if it's been paid:

Thanks to everyone involved. On Saturday I'll be at the space, so unless someone beats me to it I'll make a tin for cash collections with a useful label and put it somewhere secure (probably member store room).
Who How Much (£) Collected
Spencer Owen 15
James Hayward 10
Michael Erskine 10
Dominic Morrow 10
Jake Howe 5
Mouse 30 yes
John Crouchley 10
Ben Gray [VAT] yes
Martin Raynsford 10
Daniel 15 Yes - In pot
David Hayward [Balls] yes
Kate [Knockoff Sharpies] yes
Wendy £5 yes (bank transfer)