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I'm Aithne in real life, I joined HackSpace in February 2014, I go by [https://twitter.com/MxAithne/ MxAithne] or WanderingPyro (shortened to WPyro) on the internet. I have a chronic medical condition that means I'm a wheelchair user some of the time, so sometimes you'll see me on my wheelchair other times you'll see me walking. I tend to be a girl with lots of ideas, but not the time or patience to see them though to the end. I have a blog / website about myself and what I'm up to at the moment - [http://www.wheelednomad.uk/personal/ link].
== Interests ==
* Home / Building Automation and Control
== Useful Skill ==
* Electronics & Soldering
* Woodwork & Carpentry
* Wheelchair Maintenance (it's kinda like a bike)
* Metal Work (and some Forging)
* Welding - Oxy & Mig
* CNC Lathes and Mills
== Things to learn ==
* Hand Turning Metal
* Raspberry Pi Hardware Interfacing
== Projects ==
I've tried and failed to keep an up to date list of active projects on here, so it's better to just look at my [http://www.wheelednomad.uk/personal/projects/ project pages] on my [http://www.wheelednomad.uk/ website], as I keep them more up to date. There are some interesting completed projects that I have done though:
* '''Conversion of LDV Pilot van to camper-van (2004)''' - Sadly this camper only lived for about 8 months before the sump seal blew and the engine seized up, it was not cost effective to replace the engine, leading to me starting again with a bigger van.<br>
* '''Conversion of LDV Convoy can to camper-van (2005)'''<br> - This was my first proper home, I kind of lived in the LDV Pilot but it was too small to manage properly, I lived properly in the Convoy for two years before I decided that I really needed more space.
* '''Conversion of Merc 709 D Dormabile Bus to camper-van (2007)''' - I lived in this bus for nearly five years, finally had to sell it when I decided to move in with my boyfriend in 2011.<br>
These are all the project that spring to mind at the moment.

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