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The new Nottinghack website is now live, providing part of the "public" face of Nottinghack. We always need extra people to make updates to the site and post on the blog, so if you are interested, let us know! There are a number of people who already have access if you notice a small change, but don't need full access.

Writing a Blog Post

IF you have access and want to write a blog post, go ahead! Just remember the following points:

  • some stuff about how to talk when writing a post here.

If you want the post featured on the front page carousel, you need to take three extra steps:

  1. Write an Excerpt
  2. Tag as homepage
  3. Upload an image

Write an Excerpt

The text on the carousel is taken from the Wordpress Excerpt. If you don't define one, wordpress will take the first few words and it'll probably look terrible! To write your own, make sure you have an Excerpt box below the main post editing box. If not, click Screen Options at the top of the screen and tick Excerpt.

Write your excerpt in this box before you publish the post.

Tag as homepage

When you are tagging your post, inlcude the tag homepage. The carousel only includes posts tagged this way.

Upload an image

Finally, the carousel needs an image, obviously! Your image needs to be 590 x 400 pixels. Set it as the featured image using the option on the right hand side. If you can't see the featured image box, click on screen options at the top of the page and tick featured image.

Calendar Access

The public facing calendar on the website is a Google calendar. The public calendar feed can be found here.

Google Calendar Import/Merge

To get Nottinghack calendar events to appear in your own Google calendar, use the "Other Calendars" option (in your calendar settings, or from the main screen). Use the address "" and events from Nottinghack will be pulled into your own.


There is some important documentation on the website:

Updating the Website

The website's contents is updated via github see Website Version Control page.

Misc Broken Stuff

In the first instance see github.

To Do

Top level navigation

Needs a bit of a clean, including new projects

Tidy Widget Areas

The theme needs the widget areas tidying, removing the ones that are no longer user and separating the right hand side on the blog and normal pages.

Calendar Plugin

A better agenda on the right hand side of pages.


  • Tidy up event pages
  • Turn off (gracefully) the attendee lists for event pages, leave ratings.