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This widget tracks the current amount pledged and collected for a pledge drive on a wiki page which makes use of table with specific columns.

Using this widget

You can insert a pledge tracker with the following wiki code:



The index of the table on the page containing the pledges (1 = the first table). Default: 1
The goal amount for the pledge drive. Default: 0
The index of the column within the pledges table which contains the pledge amount (1 = the first column). Default: 2
The index of the column within the table which indicates if the pledge amount has been paid (1 = the first column). If the column contains 'yes' or 'y' (case insensitive) then the pledge amount is considered to have been paid, any other content is considered as not paid. Default: 3


Who Amount Paid? Method Paid
Bob £30 Yes BACS
Alice £50 Yes CASH
Carol £25 No BACS