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Note Note: We meet on the second Wednesday of each month to work on the wiki, progress the cleanup project and help members interested in contributing. Meeting starts at 6pm in the Blue Room.
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This wiki has been in place since at least 2012, and many pages have not been updated in years. There are pages for tools we no longer have, outdated pages on tools we do have, and a lack of information on newer tools and on our teams and how the space works. The plan is to bring this wiki back up to date, and make it a better resource our members find useful and interesting.

Its worth mentioning that our wiki is probably one of the better ones, when compared with other Hackspaces in the UK.

How to help

You can help by simply picking any page at all and updating it! Be Bold with your changes, nothing is lost when the wiki is edited; We can always revert back.

Every wiki page has a discussion page (see tab at top left of page). For general wiki discussion or to request help there is the #wiki channel on Slack.

Priority List

Priorities listed by topic -  To do  tag priority level (high  , med  , low  ).


  • The wiki is seven years old and has a lot of pages that haven't been updated in years. Pages that genuinely aren't required can be tagged with: {{delete|date=DD/MM/YYYY|reason=Cruft}}
Please also include a reason which can then be discussed before wiki admin deletes.
Most pages that contain historic pages can be de-categorized and tagged with Template:archive

Page content and maintenance

Missing pages

Hackspace Information

Pages to update

Link to flickr albums

Page types and boiler plates

  • Tools
  • Projects
  • New editor welcome

Project Pages

  • Reorganisation of project pages;
Maybe have separate subcategories for projects that of large 'Projects (by team)' and ones that are more or less solo 'Projects (by member).
92 Projects are using it as of 16/05/2019
Close out old projects by marking them as Complete or Dormant

About Pages

Location pages

  • Each location ie, room, area and storage place could have a page. This in turn could link to pages of what is in that area and vice-versa.

Rule pages

  • Tag top of page with {{RuleArchived}} and content with striked text <s> and {{grey-start}} and {{grey-end}} style. Also, any wikilinks pointing to those rule pages should be delinked.  

Tool pages

  • It would be good if members with a particular expertise can add info about tools to wiki. Bob Wood maybe able to help with woodworking tools. Could shout out the google group.

Front page

A nice table taken from the front page of CoMakingspace Hackspace wiki in Germany

Features to Consider

  • Convert 'list boxes' into template - box style created but not as template
  • Tidy alignment.
  • Highlight featured pages.
  • Make it easier to find task like tidying/ cleaning
  • Make it clear how to contribute to the wiki
  • No list to members guide
  • New Members - link to members guide - wiki is second place to look for more detail
  • Random content from :Category:Featured ?

 Done (May 2019)

Physical link to space

  • Add QR code stickers/tags in space that link to relevant wiki page

Encourage participation in Wiki

  • Encourage general membership to post projects.
Even just a picture is ok, big essays are not necessary :)
- how? see talkpage

Good wiki practice

Naming conventions and categories

  • Have a naming convention for categories template etc. - for example, only capitalise first letter unless proper noun. Start with category type word first, for example, 'Category:Templates emoji' rather than 'Emoji templates'.
  • Move articles that have been placed at the top of a category pages, for example Category:Rules and previously Category:Network. Move them back to article space.

Adding dates


  • Decorate infoboxes' as appropriate. For example, text white on dark green used in Template:Tool.
  • List of currently coded styles - for example there is a style for the boxes on the front page (-early 2019)
  • Add fancy CSS
  • Add long-winded or frequently used styles (esp. table) to CSS
  • CSS to scale images by page percentage see example
  • Make CSS for style used in tables on power page  
  • Make CSS for style on template LinkTable and Community links


  • Photos are great! If a photo is needed, any page can be tagged with Template:Photo.
  • Also, many photos are on the flickr, unfortunately a lot don't have descriptive titles.
  • Clear Category:Pages requiring photo list. Currently 11 pages requiring photos as of 15/05/2019.


Categorise all uncategorised pages

  • Add categories to Widget: pages  

Inter linking pages

  • Categories should help readers discover pages by subject. Another way to aid discovery is to link from other relevant pages. See Special:WhatLinksHere in the left hand column. If no other page link to the page can be another reason for readers not finding it.



  • Archive pages with historical information
Test example of archive style Old Wood lathe using {{grey-start}}

MediaWiki extensions

Most or all extensions will have to wait until the MediaWiki software is upgraded, as per March meeting. However, preparity research can be done - find out the best extension for a particular use and what MediaWiki version it needs.

  • Better search  
    • Main search could be set to search all pages (apart from media) to make it easier to find pages in namespaces with a prefix
    • Would it be possible to search rules, guide and wiki all-in-one?
  • Wiki notifications  
    • Ping wiki users
    • Send thanks for edits
  • Semantic Wiki - data structure for pages, allows form -> infobox
  • Extension for dynamic display of Categories within a page
  • Tooltips
  • WYSIWYG editing
  • Ignore caps on wikilinks (for example, using Category:Utility templates would still link to Category:Utility Templates)
  • Something to display the number of page views

Mobile phones



Tidy Pages

Wiki meetups


  • 2019-05-08 Wiki meetup - Make template for new users of the wiki. Move past events and pledges to (past) categories. Take photos of the areas and equipment that require it, see Category:Pages requiring photo. Archive and cross out any rule pages left. Work on integrating the Rules and Guide (on Github) with wiki.
  • 2019-06-12 Wiki meetup - ?
  • 2019-07-10 Wiki meetup - ?



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