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[[Category:Tools and Equipment]]
The Wood Lathe and tooling described on this page is now replaced by a Record model, further information when the wiki is updated.
The [[Old Wood lathe]] and tooling was replaced by a Record model circa 2015, after a [[Wood Lathe Pledge|pledge drive]] that started in 2014.
= Old Wood Lathe =
Looking for the pledge page for the NEW wood lathe? [[WLathePledge|LOOK NO FURTHER!]]
[[Category:Tools and Equipment]]
The Hackspace Wood Lathe - Stub Framework for wikipage development.
Now ready for use (subject to creating a working bay for it, and the wood mess it creates!)
The lathe on its Hackspace-built stand [[File:WL_Lathe.jpg]]
Test Piece by Joe (link) [[File:WL_Test Piece.jpg]]
The lathe is a (XXX), very similar to the CWL12D, so matching spaces and accessories are available locally from [http://www.machinemart.co.uk/pages/stores/location/nottingham Machine Mart]
We have the following fittings and accessories
Tool Rests - Short [[File:WL_Short Rest.jpg|140px|top]] Long [[File:WL_Long Rest.jpg|170px|top]] and Bowl Turning [[File:WL_Bowl Rest.jpg|190px|top]]
Chucks - Cup (Jam) Chuck (picture) Screw [[File:WL_Screw Chuck.jpg|180px|top]] Faceplate [[File:WL_Faceplate.jpg|180px|top]] and Four-jaw [[File:WL_4Jaw.jpg|180px|top]]
Read about chucks and their uses for different kinds of work at http://azwoodturners.org/chuck_type.pdf
There is and index lock which prevents the headstock spindle from turning, useful when changing chucks or special cutting - see the manual for details. <i>Make sure that the spindle is free</i> to turn before starting the motor! Free [[File:WL_Free.jpg|180px|top]] Locked [[File:WL_Locked.jpg|180px|top]]
NB: I'm making a speedometer for the lathe from a car drive-shaft-encoder [[User:Msemtd|Michael Erskine]] ([[User talk:Msemtd|talk]]) 05:49, 10 February 2014 (EST)
I've noticed a few problems in recent tests: -
* the spindle pulley is not in the correct position - some of the grub screws were loose (and hanging out) but when fully released the pulley can't be moved back into position
* the centres were not aligned and the bolt to release the headstock end of the bed tube is not as in the Clarke manual
* the cup chuck is off whack!

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The Old Wood lathe and tooling was replaced by a Record model circa 2015, after a pledge drive that started in 2014.