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(Was this tool acquired after this pledge drive: Wood Lathe Pledge?)
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|manufacturer=Generic Chinese  
|manufacturer=Generic Chinese  
|model=Similar to Charnwood 813
|model=Similar to Charnwood 813
|obtained=Member Donation
|obtained=Member Donation{{clarify|reason=Was this tool acquired after this pledge drive: [[Wood Lathe Pledge]]?}}
|location=[[Dusty Area]]
|location=[[Dusty Area]]

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Wood lathe
Manufacturer Generic Chinese
Model Similar to Charnwood 813
Obtained Member Donation[clarify]
Location [[Dusty Area]]
Team Woodworking
Induction Required No
Booking {{{booking}}}
Status Defunct
Tools:   all pageslistPower ToolsBroken tools     {{}}

[[Category:Tools and Equipment in Dusty Area]]

The current Wood Lathe is a Chinese model - the Charnwood 813 is a close match.