Wood lathe

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The Hackspace Wood Lathe - Stub Framework for wikipage development.

Now ready for use (subject to creating a working bay for it, and the wood mess it creates!)

Test Piece by Joe (link) WL Test Piece.jpg

The lathe is a (XXX), very similar to the CWL12D, so matching spaces and accessories are available locally from Machine Mart

The lathe on its Hackspace-built stand WL Lathe.jpg

We have the following accessories

Tool Rests - Short WL Short Rest.jpg Long WL Long Rest.jpg and Bowl Turning WL Bowl Rest.jpg

Cup (Jam) Chuck (picture)

Screw Chuck WL Screw Chuck.jpg

Faceplate WL Faceplate.jpg

Four-jaw Chuck WL 4Jaw.jpg

Chucks and their uses (link) azwoodturners.org/chuck_type.pdf

Index lock - prevents the headstock spindle from turning, useful when changing chucks or special cutting - see the manual for details. Make sure that the spindle is free to turn before starting the motor! Free WL Free.jpg Locked WL Locked.jpg