Workshops 2012

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This is a list of the proposed workshops for the year 2012.

We are going to run workshops on the 2nd Tuesday and LAST Thursday of EVERY month.

These will start at 7.30pm and will involve some activity or skill share.

The dates are listed below along with some details.

If you have an idea for a workshop or are willing to run a workshop then please drop me (Matt Little) an email at We can then help sort out the logistics and help make it happen. Like always - we are a members run collective, its up to you to make it happen.

Date Day Workshop Who? Cost Confirmed?
26th Jan Thursday Joule Thief

Get energy from dead batteries

Matt Little £3
9th Feb Tuesday
23rd Feb Thursday Book Binding

With recyled materials

Becky Beinart £2
8th Mar Tuesday
29th Mar Thursday
12th Apr Tuesday
26th Apr Thursday
10th May Tuesday
31st May Thursday
14th Jun Tuesday
28th Jun Thursday
12th Jul Tuesday
26th Jul Thursday
9th Aug Tuesday
30th Aug Thursday
13th Sep Tuesday
27th Sep Thursday
11th Oct Tuesday
25th Oct Thursday
8th Nov Tuesday
29th Nov Thursday
13th Dec Tuesday
28th Dec Thursday