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This is a list of the proposed workshops and activities for the year 2013. We are running workshops on the first and third Thursday and last weekend of every month. These workshops are open to everyone, so please spread the word.

These will generally start at 7.00pm and will involve some activity or skill share.

The dates are listed below along with some details.

If you have an idea for a workshop or are willing to run a workshop then please drop me (Matt Little) an email at We can help sort out the materials and logistics. This is YOUR hackspace. It relies upon YOU to get involved and make this work.

Upcoming events

Date Day Workshop Who? Cost Confirmed?
3rd Jan Thursday
17th Jan Thursday
26th 27th Jan Sat Sun
7th Feb Thursday
21st Feb Thursday
23rd 24th Feb Sat Sun
7th Mar Thursday
21st Mar Thursday
30th 31st Mar Sat Sun
4th April Thursday
18th April Thursday
27th 28th April Sat Sun UK MakerFaire
2nd May Thursday
16th May Thursday
25th 26th May Sat Sun
6th June Thursday
20th June Thursday
29th 30th June Sat Sun
4th July Thursday
18th July Thursday
27th 28th July Sat Sun
1st August Thursday
15th August Thursday
24th 25th August Sat Sun
5th September Thursday
19th September Thursday
28th 29th September Sat Sun
3rd October Thursday
17th October Thursday
26th 27th October Sat Sun
7th November Thursday
21st November Thursday
23rd 24th November Sat Sun
5th December Thursday
19th December Thursday
28th 29th December Sat Sun

Proposed Events

Idea Notes Who? Cost Potential Date
Make a rubber stamp Matt Little
Arduino Weekends
RGB LED shield Matt Little
Talks Short interesting talks James Hayward
Jet Engines Dominic Morrow
Stirling Engines Michael M
Soldering Basics Flashing badge?
Crypto Party James Hayward / Marcus?
??? Usless Machine Martin Raynesford ideas Martin Raynesford
Screen Printing Dominic Morrow
Knitting machine Gee?
Git Basics James Hayward, Mouse, Marcus?
Kite Photography Dominic Morrow
Getting the most from your Camera Jake Howe? David Hayward?
Joule Thief Derby Makers kit
CAD Inkscape/Draftsight James Hayward? David Hayward?
Model Rocketry James Fowkes
Pinhole Cameras
Beam Robots/Solarbotics Matt Little / James Hayward
Lockpicking Warren
Young Maker Stuff
PCB making workshop Dirty Electronics

Past events

These were awesome. You missed out.