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We currently have a YooCNC mill on loan.

Appears to be a 6040 CNC, rather generic Chinese Mill, shipped with a few different controller boards/steppers/spindles.

It's setup in the workshop and has a dedicated pc named YooCNC on the network, it's dual boot with XP and Ubuntu/EMC2.

To use the CNC you need to boot into Ubuntu (default choice)

Password is yoocnc6040

Posible that controller board has room for limit switches (net research) even though lacking connector on the back. need to take a look inside. --'RepRap' Matt 18:26, 30 October 2011 (EST)

Need to read the manual and configure EMC2 --'RepRap' Matt

chuck is a ER11 type

currently fitted with a 1/8" collet