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The Zoom Team has been created to manage and organise online video conferencing during the Coronavirus Lockdown.

We are asking for members to get involved in organising and running events, promoting the events and participating!

There are a number of ways you can get involved:

1. Organising the schedule - This role involves helping to find workshop and events presenters, scheduling the meetings in Zoom, ensuring that the Zoom meeting runs.

2. Event Management - This role involves ensuring that our Zoom events run smoothly, including working with presenters to rehearse setup, managing the meetings as they go out live, and ensuring that all participants are able to contribute.

3. Promotion - This role involves letting people know about the events, ensuring that dates, times and description of events are accurate, and posting on our social media channels and members' groups, such as Slack, Google Group, and Newsletter.

4. Presenter - We’re looking for presenters and workshop hosts to fill our schedule! Do you have a project you could share from home? It could be a creative coding workshop, a music lesson, an online board game, a drawing challenge or anything you are passionate about! This is a great space to introduce your work to others, find collaborators and learn new things!

If you would like to jin the Zoom Team, please contact Gareth Howell - garethdoodles@googlemail.com, or via direct message on Slack.