Do Not Be On Fire.

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The Hackspace rules can now be found at

Any rules found on this wiki are superseded by those at as of 15th May 2016
What is left below is of historic reference only


What - The letter of the rule

  • Do not knowingly take an action that will result in personal injury or injury or hurt to others.
  • Hackerspaces by their very nature should be places that contain dangers. They should NOT be dangerous places.
  • It is YOUR responsibility to guard yourself from those dangers!
  • A hackerspace is not a work place but the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 still applies.

How - The spirit of the rule

  • If you do not know how to use equipment and its use is apparently dangerous then seek help.
  • Weapons, explosives and bio-hazards should not be brought to the space for hacking.
  • Nottingham Hackspace DO NOT approve of any illegal actions.
  • Do nothing to endanger yourself or others.
  • Do NOT dick around with tools, electricity, fire or anything else that could be expected to hurt or damage yourself or other people.
  • Do NOT assume that the Hackspace is insured against YOUR stupidity.