Pay-What-You-Like But Pay Monthly

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The Hackspace rules can now be found at

Any rules found on this wiki are superseded by those at as of 15th May 2016
What is left below is of historic reference only

This is the Nottingham Hackspace membership-fees rule.

Pay what you like

  • Membership is based on making a financial contribution to the space.
  • Your contribution should be just a little more than you take from the space in terms of use, consumables, WiFi & most importantly enjoyment!
  • As a matter of policy the Hackspace is NOT run on grants, handouts or other external funding. It is run on membership payments and the money made from workshops. Donations of money will only ever be used for buying tools & equipment.
  • If you are taking more from the space than you are giving you will be politely asked to increase your monthly payment.
  • Members are also expected to cover the Hackspace usage of their guests.

Pay monthly

  • Members make a payment by Standing Order into the Nottinghack bank account. This payment should be received on a monthly basis. Where possible members should use a reference that states who they are and that the payment is for membership.
  • Members who do not pay by standing order or miss payments for more than one month will be removed from the members mailing list and will not be informed of changes door codes or WiFi keys.
  • Members who continue to attend Hackspace but have not made membership payments will be reminded to pay and ultimately excluded from the membership benefits.

Don't pay too much

Note Note: This is under discussion at the moment [1]
  • The hackspace is not run on handouts, so it is not bankrolled by rich benefactors. Generous donations and contributions to pledge drives are very welcome though.