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Tools for use in the Textile Room.

The textiles room

Knitting Needles

Straight needles

Straight needles are in either old UK measurement or metric - both are provided for ease.

Size (mm/UK) Length Material
2.75mm/12 10" Steel
2.75mm/12 12" Steel
3mm/11 10" Steel
3.25mm/10 10" Steel
3.25mm/10 12" Steel
3.25mm/10 10" Steel
3.25mm/10 14" Steel
3.75mm/9 12" Steel
4mm/8 14" Steel
4mm/8 14" Steel
4mm/8 12" Steel
4mm/8 12" Steel
4mm/8 12" Steel
4mm/8 12" Steel
4mm/8 12" Steel
4.5mm/7 7" Steel
4.5mm/7 10" Steel
4.5mm/7 10" Steel
5.5mm/5 9.75" Steel
5.5mm/5 14" Steel
5.5mm/5 11.5" Steel
5.5mm/5 12" Plastic
6mm/4 12" Plastic
7mm/2 14" Plastic
12mm/NA 16" Plastic
15mm/NA 16" Plastic

Double-pointed needles

DPNs are in sets of four.

Size (mm/UK) Length Material
3.25mm/10 12" Steel
10mm/000 8" Plastic

Circular needles

No circular needles yet. Donations gratefully accepted.

Crochet Hooks

Size (mm) Material
3.75 Metal
5 Metal
10* Plastic

Size 10 crochet hook - size is not indicated on needle. Best guess.

Other items

Small Items

  • Dressmaker pins
  • Sewing needles (various sizes)
  • Pincushion
  • Scissors


As well as some spare parts and equipment for the machines (to be audited at a later date)


  • Cutting Table
  • Clothes rack with hangers
  • Bags, boxes and shelves


  • Hand-knitting yarn (primarily DK acrylic)
  • Machine-knitting yarn
  • Fabric/old clothing
  • Sewing thread on spools for portable sewing machine