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Here are details for adding an event to the Nottinghack.org.uk wordpress website. This page is only really for people who have access to the wordpress site.

Steps are:

  • 1. Log in to wordpress admin from front page of nottinghack.org.uk
  • 2. Make a page
    • Pages -> Add New
    • Write details
    • Add images. Ensure it has correct size and give it a title
    • Change parent: click Calendar
    • Publish page
  • 3. Save the link to the page (highlight in browser and copy)
  • 4. Got Google Calendar (You will need permission for this)
    • Make an event at the correct time
    • Use info@nottinghack.org.uk calendar
    • Click Edit Event BEFORE creating event
    • The event MUST have a description
    • Where - Put Nottingham Hackspace
    • The description must have a line or so of info
    • Then a blank line <CR>
    • Then type {event_page | COPIED LINK}
    • Save the event

Congratulations, you have now created an event for folk to attend.