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2013-12-04 Minutes

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AndrewA: Present: Matthew Gates, Andrew Martin, Michael Erskrine, Russell, Matt Little, James Hayward, Daniel S, Matt Lloyd, Tom P, David C, Jake H, Joe, David H, Gareth, Chris

[20:06:58] AndrewA: Announcements: Bad Movie Night One Year Super Spectacular which is again showing Troll 2

[20:07:08] AndrewA: Announcements: Workshops! see calendar for various workshops

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[20:08:56] LWK: Quick summary

[20:08:58] LWK: Start bank balance: £5,215.09

[20:09:00] LWK: Out: £1,870.66

[20:09:03] LWK: In: £2,239.46

[20:09:03] LWK_mac (~LWK@pdpc/supporter/student/lwk) joined the channel.

[20:09:04] LWK: End: £5,583.89

[20:09:06] LWK: Paypal Start: £5.58

[20:09:08] LWK: Paypal End: £5.58

[20:09:10] LWK: Cash Start balance: £347.79

[20:09:12] LWK: Cash In: £410.09

[20:09:14] LWK: Cash Out: £26.76

[20:09:14] LWK_mac (~LWK@pdpc/supporter/student/lwk) left IRC. (Client Quit)

[20:09:16] LWK: Cash End: £731.12

[20:09:18] LWK: [edit]Members

[20:09:20] LWK: Start: 198

[20:09:22] LWK: New: 8

[20:09:23] AndrewA: Actions list: Gas Canister is being worked on (to be collected), in progress, other actions all on wiki and nothing outstanding to discuss

[20:09:23] LWK: Ex: ?

[20:09:26] LWK: End: 220

[20:09:28] LWK: [edit]In/out Breakdown

[20:09:30] LWK: [edit]Outgoings

[20:09:32] LWK: BizSpace: £ 1,234.56

[20:09:34] LWK: Talk talk: £28.9

[20:09:36] LWK: Insurance: £66.70

[20:09:38] LWK: Other: £540.23

[20:09:40] LWK: [edit]Income

[20:09:42] LWK: Membership dues: £1,894.61

[20:09:44] LWK: Petty Cash Deposits: £

[20:09:46] LWK: Workshops: £263.25

[20:09:48] LWK: Donations: £81.60

[20:09:50] LWK: Events: £

[20:09:52] LWK: Pledges: £

[20:10:28] AndrewA: Repeat for clarity: Actions list: Gas Canister is being worked on (to be collected), in progress, other actions all on wiki and nothing outstanding to discuss

[20:10:36] AndrewA: Bank Accounts

[20:11:18] LWK: Members

[20:11:20] LWK: Start: 220

[20:11:22] LWK: New: 8

[20:11:24] LWK: Ex: ?

[20:11:26] LWK: End: 228

[20:11:30] AndrewA: James: Couple of issues with banks. Matt Lloyd can't prove who he is and all the trustees are needed. Some banks are too complex.

[20:12:02] AndrewA: James: Simple bank account is one account where only one trustee is needed, and an account for complex signing where two trustees - which are required for grants

[20:13:01] AndrewA: Barclays: not allowed two accounts under one name

[20:13:18] AndrewA: Barclays: Don't want to do business with you if you open more than one account with multiple banks

[20:13:59] AndrewA: James: Likely plan: not tell either one about the other

[20:14:19] AndrewA: Jake: Less swearing in the meeting about banks please

[20:15:08] AndrewA: James: Accountant need to be done soon - accountant will be £200. Other hackspaces do £450-£500 accountants!

[20:15:43] AndrewA: Meeting time

[20:15:50] AndrewA: Next meeting hits January 1st

[20:15:57] AndrewA: Jake: Suggests moving it to 8th of January

[20:16:05] AndrewA: Agreed by majority

[20:16:15] AndrewA: Still be an open hack night on the 1st

[20:17:37] AndrewA: Snackspace Status

[20:18:04] AndrewA: David H: HMS sets everyones credit limit to £50 due to old machine.

[20:18:21] AndrewA: David H: One member left after getting £30 of kits unpaid

[20:19:43] moop_ (~moop@ left IRC. (Quit: Leaving...)

[20:19:51] AndrewA: Daniel: System already lets credit be added to the system. Changing £50 to 0 would be easy, then people can work on credit instead of debit

[20:19:55] AndrewA: Daniel: Notes reader will be added soon

[20:20:06] AndrewA: James H: Suggest not change system until note reader is ready

[20:20:45] AndrewA: James H: It might not even be necessary to change this system anyway

[20:21:05] AndrewA: Jake: Wait on a full decision

[20:21:25] AndrewA: David H: Can lower it now though

[20:21:56] AndrewA: Andrew rushes out to check price of highest thing is £20

[20:22:16] AndrewA: £20 limit applied

[20:22:27] AndrewA: ---- Agenda items ----

[20:22:31] -nh-holly- Door Opened by: Woozle (last seen 00h 00m 00s ago)

[20:22:32] -nh-holly- Door Opened by:

[20:23:09] AndrewA: 1. Large pile 'o' donations

[20:23:22] AndrewA: Matt L: Several items and very good items in the pile

[20:23:54] AndrewA: Matt L: Proposal to do quick organising over several evenings. Things are already being sorted already. Things are also being sorted in the space. Big positive in the end.

[20:24:01] AndrewA: Matt L: It is a lot of work and need some help though

[20:24:24] AndrewA: Michael E: Is it worth putting a pile of the rest on ebay for 99p collect only?

[20:24:46] AndrewA: Matt L: A lot of badly packed but interesting components for art projects. Lots already sorted. Potential for a few piles of stuff to sell.

[20:25:07] AndrewA: James H: Happily will come in and help

[20:25:08] KateMonkey: Pick a few days and we'll publicise it on the newsletter and the like, because I know I'd like to dig through that.

[20:25:25] AndrewA: Matt L: Action: One evening will be actioned to be added to the calendar and announced

[20:26:29] AndrewA: Matt L: Also can sort bags of stuff for other hackspaces (like spare bench supplies)

[20:26:45] AndrewA: Matthew G: Gift packages can be made as a gesture of goodwill

[20:26:54] AndrewA: Matt L: Is on this even though more is coming in

[20:27:06] AndrewA: 2. Pledge drives and large purchases

[20:27:56] AndrewA: David C: People coming up saying we've had money in the bank and could be spending it

[20:28:26] AndrewA: David C: This is only a recent event, but not anywhere near close to a three months rent yet for instance

[20:29:09] AndrewA: David C: Personally should not be looking at this money and keep skimming off the top

[20:30:00] AndrewA: David C: If we had a decent fund available we could use it for moderate to large items, and would save constantly having to prioritise which tool is more important to buy

[20:30:49] AndrewA: David C: Had a grand idea, pledge drive for £1000. Around £5 per member. If we got another £1000 could legitimately take out of the hackspace account and take that same amount out of the account (£2000 total) to invest

[20:31:04] AndrewA: David C: Some money already allocated to furniture and three phase power

[20:31:29] AndrewA: David C: Is it worth doing a drive for this fund before we plan spending money?

[20:32:11] AndrewA: James H: Great idea, wanted to reiterate that £5000 in the bank isn't a huge amount of money

[20:32:54] AndrewA: James H: Need to have around £15000 cash to move onto Hackspace 3.0

[20:33:33] AndrewA: James H: Reckless coming here without the right amount of cash - now have members and things to take care of

[20:33:46] AndrewA: James H: Had a year and a half of muddling around in the current hackspace - would be better to have cash to sort the new one

[20:34:25] AndrewA: Matt L: It's a good point about the bank money not being that much. An interesting idea but prefer a more specific pledge drive to know what I am looking towards. Pillar drill for instance - needed a good pillar drill.

[20:34:33] AndrewA: Matt L: Not sure what people are buying, a bit more directed.

[20:34:57] AndrewA: Michael E: Here here

[20:35:14] AndrewA: Chris: Terribly tempting to spend £1000 of other peoples money on things

[20:35:28] AndrewA: Matthew G: Is there any internal kickstarter software?

[20:35:42] AndrewA: James H: No there isn't, Pledge Drive system is on the list for HMS

[20:35:47] AndrewA: Matthew G: Might help sort that out

[20:36:04] AndrewA: James H: On Matts point a priority list would possibly work

[20:37:25] AndrewA: Andrew A: Is there enough active members?

[20:37:45] AndrewA: Jake H: Around 70 members active when it was 150 members, need to recalculate (based on semi-regular attendance and mailing list use)

[20:38:45] AndrewA: Andrew A: how often are we going to do this?

[20:38:48] AndrewA: Russell: Doesn't this introduce some problems with "one amount for the pot"?

[20:40:06] AndrewA: Andrew A: What about our membership fee?

[20:40:47] AndrewA: James H: No reason to stop other pledges, etc.

[20:41:10] AndrewA: Matt L: Members already pay what they feel they can, and so asking for pledges to often might worry

[20:42:03] AndrewA: David C: If we ask for £1000 and only get £500 from members, does the hackspace money get used for the other quarter? (£500)

[20:42:59] AndrewA: Matthew G: Like following the kickstarter model, separate pledge drives, difficult to judge though

[20:43:40] AndrewA: Gareth: Perception of "What am I paying for anyway?" a different model might be humble bundle model - pay what you want - secondary is a slider for how much you want to go on different parts of it. Complicated but could pledge a few more quid a month distributed for pledges and the rest for membership

[20:43:58] AndrewA: James H: Technically for 1 payment might be hard but with two accounts could do that potentially

[20:44:14] AndrewA: Michael E: Devils advocate: Can people decide what people don't want money to be spent on?

[20:45:51] AndrewA: James H: It is wrong to suggest one member has control over how things are run by having a member choose what a membership fee is paid towards project/pledge wise (such as "I don't want a mill so don't put any of my money towards it")

[20:46:38] AndrewA: Matthew G: Action: Suggestion for a policies for pledge drives and ask people what they think

[20:47:01] AndrewA: James H and David C: Action: Start a discussion on a priority list.

[20:47:52] AndrewA: 3. Volunteer coordination and encouragement

[20:48:29] AndrewA: David H: Action: Drafting an email for all members to encourage coordination.

[20:48:37] AndrewA: Jake: Will probably leave further discussion for the future

[20:49:05] AndrewA: Michael E: Google group should be pushed to new members (some don't even know about it)

[20:49:16] AndrewA: David H: It is in one of the emails but some people just don't want to be on it

[20:49:32] AndrewA: Gareth: Need to organise another meeting outside the monthly meetings to discuss this

[20:49:43] AndrewA: Jake: Not enough time to do it before next meeting

[20:49:53] KateMonkey: Yeah, I want to make sure people know things, but I need to be in the meeting.

[20:49:54] AndrewA: Gareth: Action: Will suggest dates for this on the mailing lsit

[20:50:11] KateMonkey: Because I am all over that like hot glue on your fingers.

[20:50:30] AndrewA: They're all talking so I can't add your voice but tell David and Gareth Kate by email

[20:50:31] AndrewA: :)

[20:50:45] KateMonkey: Go on and shout, Andrew. MAKE THEM HEAR ME.

[20:50:47] KateMonkey: ;)

[20:51:20] AndrewA: 4. Bins

[20:51:28] AndrewA: Matthew G: the bins down the bottom cannot be used for rubbish

[20:51:47] AndrewA: Matthew G: They are bizspace internal only. Not even part of our contract.

[20:52:06] KateMonkey: the bottom of where?

[20:52:18] AndrewA: David C: What brought this up originally, Bizspace thought there was people coming in from outside to fill their bins

[20:52:36] AndrewA: Inside large bins down at the bottom of the stairs in the middle of the building

[20:53:07] AndrewA: David C: A letter was sent saying large items are a big no-no but smaller items in bin liners might be fine

[20:53:38] AndrewA: Matthew G: Table downstairs which might need to be removed from downstairs

[20:53:47] AndrewA: David C: Jamie was happy how it was going so far

[20:54:22] AndrewA: James H: Need to make sure to not put big items down there in the future, else it is necessary to pay for commercial bin service

[20:54:30] AndrewA: 5. Metalworking Area and Three Phase

[20:54:45] AndrewA: Matt L: Need to build a wall and cost up three phase.

[20:54:51] AndrewA: Matt L: Action: Price up and bring to a meeting

[20:56:06] AndrewA: 6. Laser cutter

[20:56:17] AndrewA: Jake: Split the discussion: now just where the laser cutter is up to

[20:56:59] AndrewA: James H: Laser construction update: Joe, Matt and Russell are currently coming up for a design for an x/y gantry. Missed a meeting last week (wasn't advertised).

[20:57:09] AndrewA: James H: Christmas day is the date for a plan.

[20:57:48] AndrewA: Jake: Now suggest put as primary item at the next meeting

[20:58:34] AndrewA: James H: Agreed with that. Meetings for this are open and there will be one in a few weeks.

[20:59:14] AndrewA: Jake: Meeting closed

[20:59:21] KateMonkey: Yay

[20:59:46] AndrewA: Jake: We missed one item I put on but no matter

[20:59:49] AndrewA: James H: You're going to say you finished this meeting in an hour aren't you?

[20:59:57] AndrewA: Jake: No, I'm going to say we finished it in 58 minutes!

[21:00:09] ShantyMan