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The wiki can be used to document your project. This may be for your own reference or to aid communication on a collaborative project. It can also be helpful and inspiring to other members.

Documenting your Project

If you want to share your project with the world, the wiki is a great place to do. A project can be documented in any way you like! There are no hard and fast rules for how a project page should be written; its entirely up to you. If you're unsure where to start we've prepare a "Boiler Plate" that you can start filling in. Simply copy and paste the template onto your new page and away you go!

Some pointers towards writing a good page:

  • Lots of images are great and can be used to show things that would be hard to write about.
  • Include details such as where you bought materials from.
  • If you don't want to write reams, that's not a problem. Just a picture of the finished product is ok.

Current Projects

At any time our members are working on lots of different projects; Many will not be documented on the wiki. Of those that are, these In Progress projects have been updated recently:

Recently changed articles in Category:Projects (in progress)

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Projects Looking for Collaborators

Not sure what you want to work on? Need some help getting motivated? Or maybe you have a project that needs multiple participants to be completed. Projects can be tagged by adding [[Category:Looking for Collaborators]] anywhere on the project page.

A full list of projects actively looking for collaboration can be found here: Category:Looking for Collaborators

Complete Projects

Featured Projects