2015-05-21 AGM Agenda/Election

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The election will take place electronically using OpaVote, and you will receive an individual voting email to your registered email address after the AGM.

There are four open trustee slots, and the following members have put themselves forward to be trustees.

Photo Nominee
James Hayward
I think that the Hackspace is at a really interesting time in its growth. More and more members are treating the space as a service rather than a club, and this presents us with a number of challenges to overcome; from simply keeping the place clean to ensuring that the right tools are in the space and are easy and safe to use. I think the work that has happened over the last 6-9 months has started us on a track to becoming a much better set up organisation, and I look forward to taking that to the next level.
MErskine 2015 Trustee.jpg
Michael Erskine
A paragraph about why you want to be a trustee: I just do, alright? I mean, like, whatever, y'know? Jeez, it's like trying to become a trustee in Nazi Germany or something.
AFroggatt 2015 Trustee.jpg
Adam Froggatt
I've been a member at Nottinghack for around two years, during which time I've seen our space go through a lot of great changes from fancy new tools to lots of new people. Considering the sheer amount I've gotten from the Hackspace in skills, new interests and great friends, I'd love to give some time back. Becoming a Trustee means I can help support Nottinghack to become even better known in our community of Makers and doers, and improve our space for members new and old.

Thanks for reading, I'll see you all at the AGM if not before!

SWilkinson 2015 Trustee.jpg
Sophie Wilkinson
Hello! My name is Sophie and I've been a member of the Hackspace for about 16 months now. I'm running for Trustee because I feel that I've worked towards a large number of improvements in the 'space over the last 12 months and think even more progress can be made with me as a Trustee.

Over the past 12 months I have:

  • regenerated Snackspace along with Rob, bringing us up to date with actual stats on how much is sold each month, as well as bringing healthier snacks into the vending machine and creating an email address members can use to request what they want and give us feedback. I've also 'created' team Snackspace, ensuring there's always holiday cover and nobody is stuck for a drink during the summer. I trialed the purchase of regular Club Mate, which proved to be a resounding success, hopefully leading to us bringing a steady stream into the space in the future.
  • revamped the Craft Room, and after our big spend led a successful pledge for new Advanced & Beginner Sewing machines and kept the area clean, tidy and clutter free for members.
  • made the Large Project Storage more fit for purpose, through regular audits and removal of ancient or unlabelled projects, keeping members up to date with the storage issues and reminding them of the processes we have in place to keep the storage accessible to as many people as possible
  • been a key part of the membership team, including writing our first ever scope and job description, updating the tour guide and being on hand to offer tours almost every Wednesday, as well as auditing the membership team itself and bringing us up to date.
  • Along with the laser team, developed and introduced the new Laser Maintenance system, and the laser maintainers, which will ensure regular, scheduled maintenance of the Laser and the 3D printer so the large tools that are integral to the space are up, running and working as permanently as is possible. I've also future proofed this system, meaning if we can or choose to bring other tools online, we can do so. We've also developed a new system for laser/3D printer inductions, which should be launching pre-AGM, which will allow us better communication with members so people aren't left waiting for a response to an email for weeks at a time.
  • and finally, cooked for 25 Nottinghacker's at EMF 2015!

I hope the above show that I am keen to help the Hackspace move forward and progress, and believe that my eye for detail, love of processes and persistent attitude towards organisation show I would make a great Trustee and an asset to the team.