2015-11-04 Transcript

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Sophie Wilkinson [8:00 PM] 
Evening all, meeting starting

Sophie Wilkinson [8:00 PM]
Roll Call: JH, KB, DC, AC, RB, DS, Mouse, AF, MLi, MLl, RP, ME, ID, RH

Sophie Wilkinson [8:01 PM]
Annoucements or Events: Maker Faire went well. Made £63 in badges. One angry mother.

Sophie Wilkinson [8:02 PM]
Arduino workshop on the 28/11

Sophie Wilkinson [8:02 PM]
Light Night: Feb next year.

Sophie Wilkinson [8:02 PM]
Actions: Still waiting on replacement fire extinguisher.

Sophie Wilkinson [8:03 PM]
Financial Update - on the wiki

Matt Lloyd [8:03 PM] 

Sophie Wilkinson [8:04 PM] 
Current assets; £8900
Other info on the wiki.
Down to 81 members that we haven't yet heard from.

Sophie Wilkinson [8:06 PM]
Team Updates: 
Safety Team: no updates, waiting on broken fire extinguisher
and THANK YOU to Michael

Sophie Wilkinson [8:06 PM]
for providing his update on time

James Hayward [8:06 PM] 
Safety Team:

James Hayward [8:07 PM]
Reporting for safety team: nowt happened. Waiting on broken fire extinguisher return. Meh

James Hayward [8:07 PM]

James Hayward [8:07 PM]
* Newsletter went out - we're up to 920 subscribers now
* Worked with Events on new flyers - grab a bunch and hand them out to strangers
* Looking into getting a standing banner for Events - we need to work out a design and price it up and work out what budget it's coming out of, but it'll be shiny and easy
* We will be getting more of a social media presence, because currently we're kinda terrible at it
* Still could use volunteers

James Hayward [8:07 PM]

James Hayward [8:07 PM]
Kitchen and bathroom taps have both been fixed

Im not aware of much else other that looking at infrastructure implications of the downstairs

James Hayward [8:08 PM]

James Hayward [8:08 PM]
Mill, Late and Tig inductions are now on the booking form

Team is meeting on the 16th to start defining a set induction program for each tool, to be documented on the wiki (like the laser) so we can bring new inductors on board over time

Had offer of a Surface grinder on Long Term Loan, but don’t have the space right now, waiting to see what happens with 2.5 project at AGM

Sophie Wilkinson [8:10 PM] 
Item on Agenda: Long Term Loan:
- we have a large number of tools in the space that are on long term loan.
- we had an issue with an item on long term loan and it has prompted discussion between the trustees.
- rules have been put together and happy to take any comments

Sophie Wilkinson [8:10 PM]
- we will then retrospectively do this for all tools

Sophie Wilkinson [8:11 PM]
terms are:
- nottinghack: organisation
- space: our physical space
- trustees: trustees
- lender: person lending the item

Matt Lloyd [8:12 PM] 
Terms for long term loan of items - Nottingham Hackspace Ltd.

Nottinghack refers to the organisation Nottingham Hackspace Ltd
Space refers to the physical area, building or buildings leased or purchased by Nottinghack
Trustee refers to members elected to ensure the adequate running of Nottinghack
I, me, myself, lender refers to the member or person loaning the item

I agree that the item will be subject to wear and tear in use, and the results of this are not the responsibility of Nottinghack. I understand that Nottinghack has hundreds of members, with 24/7 access. This means wear and tear will be at a much faster rate than single person usage.
I grant Nottinghack unlimited rights to carry out maintenance on the item if it is deemed necessary.
Nottinghack will meet reasonable repair costs, and the Trustees will decide if those costs are reasonable on a case by case basis.
Where the repair exceeds a reasonable cost, or Nottinghack is unable to cover the cost, the Trustees and myself will agree whether the item is repaired or removed from the space (see point 4).
Nottinghack will agree to arbitrate between myself and any member found to have damaged the item through willful mistreatment, but I understand that any member could refuse to replace the item or reimburse me and I will not hold Nottinghack responsible.
I agree to remove the item as quickly as practical if it becomes unserviceable beyond repair or Nottinghack feels it is no longer required or is surplus to requirements.
If I am unreachable, or cannot remove it within 30 days, I authorise Nottinghack to arrange disposal of the item at their cost.
Nottinghack will not replace items that have been provided on long term loan. Nottinghack may choose to provide a similar tool under its own terms should it be appropriate; in this case (4) applies.
I agree that Nottinghack may, if deemed necessary, place usage restriction on the item via any means they choose. For example RFID access and/or requiring inductions/booking before use which may also affect my own ability to access/use the item.

Item Long Term Loan Form - Nottingham Hackspace Ltd.

Reference (Nottinghack use)
NHLTL __ __ __ __
Item Name

Item Description

Lender Name

Lender Contact Number

Lender Email Address

Lender Contact Address

Lender Signature ________________________________             Date: _______________

1st Trustee Name _____________________________________________

1st Trustee Signature ________________________________        Date: _______________

2nd Trustee Name _____________________________________________

2nd Trustee Signature ________________________________       Date: _______________

Sophie Wilkinson [8:13 PM] 
@katemonkey: can it be used for the library?

Sophie Wilkinson [8:13 PM]

Sophie Wilkinson [8:14 PM]
All agreed.

Sophie Wilkinson [8:18 PM]
Item 2: Downstairs space
- we got a further opprortunity to take on the entire downstairs space.
- trustees decided this was not financially viable
- we have said to bizspace that we are going to take this decision to the membership at the AGM.
- in the next few weeks we will get a briefing pack out to all members, including financial scenarios and whatnot
- if you cannot make the AGM, please ensure you proxy your vote.
- you can proxy your vote directly to the trustees

Sophie Wilkinson [8:19 PM]

Sophie Wilkinson [8:19 PM]
Light Night: beginning of Feb. Matt Little has netted some money to make something/do something with the Hackspace. Could be a week long thing, could be a shop window, could be outreach and workshops, they want some options at the end of the week

Sophie Wilkinson [8:22 PM]
Jan: more than likely going to be doing a formal fundraiser, talking to Antenna about using their space for free, want to run barbot and charge entry, auctions, any ideas or anything please put them forward, talk to events team and trustees

Sophie Wilkinson [8:24 PM]
Laser mis-use: there has been an issue with laser mis-use. It was left unattended whilst it was on. This is a violation of the induction and of rule zero. the member has had a formal warning and been banned from using the laser cutter for the month.

Sophie Wilkinson [8:26 PM]
Andreas: would like to make a presentation on his research findings.

Sophie Wilkinson [8:26 PM]
Talk to events team! Already on it

Sophie Wilkinson [8:26 PM]
Meeting closed