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Next step: scope meeting.
Next step: scope meeting.
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Location: King Billy

Attendees: Matt Li, Ian D, Emma C, Rob M, Toby J, Daniel S, Michael E, Mouse.

Talked through lots of ideas, bike-shedded and so on. The clear leading idea was from Matt Little - a shooting gallery installation:

  • Like the Hillbilly Moonshine Shooting Shack game from the 80s
  • Opportunity for many people to contribute
  • Use IR laser or similar on gun end
  • Receiver at target triggers some animatronic thing to happen
    • Movement
    • Noise-making
    • Flashing lights
    • Squirting water
    • Emitting smoke
  • Guns can also be individual projects
    • Force feedback mechanisms
  • Would presumably rent a marquee to set up in

Next step: scope meeting.