2018-11-22 AGM Transcript

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iandickinson [8:00 PM]
*Nottinghack AGM 2018 - 22 Nov 2018*

Antenna, Nottingham

callummulligan [8:03 PM]
joined #agmminutes.

iandickinson [8:03 PM]
Trustees present: Ali, Russell, Ian (minutes), James T, James A, Matt     Apologies: Andrew

*1. Quorate*
Unfortunately we are not quorate, but will continue with the presentation
70 members present, but need 129 to be quorate
Matt explains history of articles of association, and constitution. - Documents are on the wiki
Dominic makes a point about poor attendance due to lack of engagement.
As we are not quorate, we cannot vote on the special resolutions on the agenda, but will continue with the presentation.
Kate asks why one trustee missing. Andrew was unable to make the meeting due to work commitments.

*2. State of the union*
Now 647 members. Growing about 6 member per month.
Average membership fees falling.
Some teams are struggling. e.g. membership and comms. Comms in particular only 2 members
We have had two pledge drives for new tools.
We also now have a can vending machine.
Presently no complaints, but was three issues to deal with during the year.
Survey - we have had 90 responses. 13% of membership
Survey shows little volunteering. Has dropped since last year.   Fewer volunteers are doing more hours.

bettyching [8:15 PM]
joined #agmminutes along with mellchie.

iandickinson [8:15 PM]
Some good thank you's in the responses, however some don't feel enabled to volunteer.

mellchie [8:16 PM]
Are there reasons why some do not feel enabled?

horribly_hairy_paul [8:16 PM]
joined #agmminutes.

iandickinson [8:17 PM]
Age, ethnicity, employment status, location travelling from, volunteer hours, team make up graphs presented.
60% don't do any volunteering.

*3. Financials*
This years report includes a comparison with last year.
Income is up, but expenditure is down. We have a surplus of £1565 this year.
Tangible assets down, stock up (mainly vending machine stock), fixed assets same (Bizspace deposit), Cash in bank down about £1000
Income breakdown presented. Membership income is up about £4K.
Workshop and events down about £300
Tool inductions £1350, for comparison was £530 last year
Matt will include breakdown next year!  However, info is on wiki.
Expenditure presented
Biggest change less spent on HS2.5 this year compared to last year.  We had fire door expenditure in previous year.
Team expenditure presented. - Too much detail to minute!
Safety expenditure questioned. Wasn't the PAT tester, but money was spent on risk assessments and fire extinguisher checks / servicing.
Trustee misc costs questioned. - Covers Antenna hire, various software licences, TV licence, general admin stuff

daniel1111 [8:29 PM]
joined #agmminutes.

iandickinson [8:29 PM]
Dominic questions why increasing membership is good, but we have lower engagement.

horribly_hairy_paul [8:29 PM]
Are the slides available ?  I can't read the tiny type on the screens :(

iandickinson [8:32 PM]
Dominic also questions why average membership fees falling and lower level of vounteering. Do we have too many members.
Bob suggests that we haven't reached the point of too many members if there is somewhere to work.
Bob also comments that lack of volunteering often common in organisations, especially amongst younger work age group members
Dominic proposes we may have passed the number of members that we can support.

alexmann [8:36 PM]
joined #agmminutes.

iandickinson [8:36 PM]
James F makes comment about being happy with members who support the space but make little use. However concerned about members who don't tidy up after themselves.
Usage statistics discussed, see:  https://lspace.nottinghack.org.uk/stats/member_stats.html

smudge [8:38 PM]
joined #agmminutes.

iandickinson [8:39 PM]
*4. Special Resolutions*
Skipped, as constitution does not allow us to cover this as not quorate.

*5. Discussion on membership and volunteering*
James H put this item forward for the agenda.
Dominc makes a point that Nottinghack is one of the better hackspaces, and could help other spaces.
Matt Little gives some of the history, how the hackspace has grown and not possible to know everyone, and the enthusiasm - burn-out cycle
Andrew Walters suggests we may need to have a EGM to sort out the quorate level.
Also, fine to have members who support the space financially, but don't volunteer.
Callum questions membership fees and what is not enough?
James A clarifies running costs are circa £14 / hour.
James H suggests we measure what is paid per visit.
Matt covers that the trustees do review this and contact low pay per visit members.
James H's email to the trustees suggests possibility of different membership options. - Some with volunteering, some without

mellchie [8:52 PM]
I understand the concern around too few volunteers. However, why the concern around membership fees? If the ‘space is not in/predicted to be in financial trouble, surely income through membership fees isn’t a problem?

iandickinson [8:54 PM]
Hazel suggests more info should be shared with members about payment levels.

mellchie [8:54 PM]
If we’re number-chasing, one thing that has always struck me is the reluctance to tell new members what to pay, instead stating the average. If we explain the pay-what-you-can rule, why not also say “we’d like all members to pay £X if they can”?

iandickinson [8:54 PM]
@mellchie che - May be best to take the mic (edited)

mellchie [8:55 PM]
I’m in Newcastle, might take a while!

iandickinson [8:55 PM]
Sorry didn't realise you're not in the room!

mellchie [8:55 PM]
<waves> :grin:
This is a whole new way of experiencing the AGM, I tell you.

horribly_hairy_paul [8:57 PM]
You're missing out on a whole load of bickering in the room, @mellchie

mellchie [8:57 PM]
Nothing new there! :grin:

iandickinson [8:57 PM]
Callum mentions that he doesn't know what volunteering is required.
James H suggest we have a "Volunteering Manager", should not be a Trustee, to co-ordinate and encourage volunteering.

smudge [9:00 PM]
Might it be worth mentioning that 2.5 woodworking is  being done by volenteers

iandickinson [9:00 PM]
Froggy mentions Noisebridge reboot. They have visitors, members and philanthropists.  However, only members are involved in making the decisions.
Nic H mentions similar situations in a battle reenactment society. Need to help for 2 years, before can become a full member
Kate points out it is now after 9:00pm and suggests we wrap things up!
James H mentions we should adjourn, as the AGM is not done!
Matt questions whether the AGM needs to be attended in person. Could it be a virtual online meeting?

mellchie [9:04 PM]

iandickinson [9:05 PM]
Sophie states that we have many members who just don't care about this meeting
James H clarifies a point about there needing to be discussion in the meeting, which may be difficult to do online.

froggy [9:06 PM]
joined #agmminutes.

iandickinson [9:07 PM]
Meeting now being wound up by Trustees. We will discuss and decide on next steps.

*Meeting closed*