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'''Meeting Closed'''
'''Meeting Closed'''
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Members Meeting 3rd June 2020

Chair: Dan S

Minutes: Mark T

Roll Call

Gareth Mark Dan Steve B Andrew W Ian D Bob Julian B Matt L Marky Mark Andrew A Daniel S

Announcements & Events

This month Andrew A has joined as acting Trustee, for about 90 days until the elections campaigns. He is to help out with the Trustees duties during Lockdown and the unusual time. Andrew introduced himself, long-standing member, tried to do EMF.

Actions & Minutes of last meeting

Members' meeting in May 2nd meeting on the 20th, to discuss Election and Reopening plans (Reopening will be covered more later)

Teams Updates


  • New chiller ordered as the old was giving over-temp alarms (been going off a lot of late). Possibly because of extended PPE use.


  • PF Sensor installed, better remote management

Hackspace 3.0

Tried to bring some life into the 2.5 project, so we renamed it 3.0 We got £10k from the council due to COVID shutdowns as we said we are of Leisure use. of which we are using some of this to get drawings done by architects. This is in progress and Dominic and Russell are the Trustees leading this project.

Financial Update

  • All updated to the Wiki, graphs will be published at a later date.
  • Profit £842 for the month (less what we received from the £10k grant)
  • Some PPE income and expenses are on this report. It is being journaled separately (Separate bookkeeper, ringfenced money for this, of which the chiller for the laser has been funded from this)
  • A separate £9.9k National Lottery grant which was sorted by Dan came in. Approx £7k going to the bathroom, rest for tables and chairs.
  • Andrew A asks about the electricity projects of the space, could some of this grant be used for this?
  • Matt L reiterated that the Lottery Grant must be spent on what it was claimed for. He continued that work started on it, then Lockdown happened. Matt was planning to work with Bizsapce's sparkies and get the certification. Some of the £10k from, the council will help with this.
Note Note: Dominic shares graphs of the finances.

Reopening Nottingham Hackspace

  • The plans were shared on the 20th, there has been a few updates.
  • Members whose membership has lapsed since Lockdown will not get an all-members email, so The Trustees will be sending an email to these people informing them that the space has reopened.
  • 4-5 people will be going into the space before we reopen, to get things clean and shipshape.
  • PPE in the workshop (based on Bob's comments last month) is going to be assessed (dustmasks etc).
  • Dan will reshare the document on Google Groups and the Wiki.
  • Dan explained that Stages 1&2 may seem a little unfair in the terms of 2 hour max booking. However, it is because the Hackspace is closed for essential use. Also, it's not fair for all members for somebody to, for instance, to book 9 hours. This effectively wipes out a day.
  • Marky Mark asks about if there can be different allowances, for instance overnight.
  • Dan confirm that for now, no changes, but as we get to Stage 3 and onwards, we can discuss.

Membership Team & Tours

  • Andrew W sent the Trustees and email about how to make New Tours safe for when we reopen.
  • He discussed how he wanted to write down his speculations, and the fact email enquires are actually still coming in.
  • Face-to-face talking, we will want to reduce down. His thinking, is there another way? The signup process (in normal times) is quite a lot face-to-face. Can there be a better, perhaps documented way?
  • Can we run some kind of membership tour, for when some people do come in when we open up?
  • Proposals for maybe direct tours on request?
  • How to issue cards out to people.
  • The main proposal was to keep membership signup ticking over, as lockdown continues with a long tail. (edited)
  • Dan states that it would be great for the Membership Team to create some kind of Task force, with a proposal of how to make the tours safe. He asked if Andrew is asking for help, and Ian agrees to assist in getting this document more polished.


  • Gareth asks about Repoening. He says that he can assist with signage,
  • Marky Mark asks about if there are plans for toilets in Hackspace 3.0.
  • Dominic confirms that the stairs and downstairs accessible toilets are one project which is being progressed.
  • Samathy confirms that the Elections Nomination window has opened again, to conclude 1st September.
  • Therefore, if you would like to nominate yourself, please email the trustees.

Meeting Closed