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2021-07-06 Transcript

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July 7th  Members Meeting
Josh Kelly - Chair
Steve Barnett - Minutes
Gareth Howell
Ali Maq
Betty Ching
Bob Wood
James Spence
Mike Haber

moop  20:12
Announcements and events
Actions and minutes of Last Meeting
Thanks to Emily for the newsletter, unfortunately she can't do one this month
Industrial machines will be serviced and back in action soon
Spoken to a company about a cartridge for the surface grinder that should allow it to be put into use. Saves us the risk of destroying a £200 pack of bearings.
Hopefully we have an opportunity to get the correct chisels for the mortiser. This was covered in the pledge drive but the money has not yet been spent.
No graphs unfortunately.
Breakdowns on wiki:
Net loss this month as a result of infrastructure spends and a lot of a small spends to get ready to reopen.
Re-opening nottinghack
Re-opening for the 12 was announced, but the electrical work has been delayed by suppliers of components. We're not at a point where the acceptance testing has been completed. Can't reopen with unsafe live terminals or the need to cut power at short notice.
Re-opening now expected for the 19th. This will still require booking.
We will be sending out a survey in the near future to get an understanding of the membership's view on re-opening. Need to make sure people who are vulnerable can be safe in the space while balancing the interests of other members. We need to consult the membership to do this correctly instead of dictating the approach.
More information on this will go out next week. Plans will likely be updated as/if the government's advice changes.
Any other business?
Malcolm: Asks about servicing equipment in the woodwork area. Offers to come in and lend a hand, but can't lead on it.
Joshua: Asks if he and Bob have a good idea of what needs servicing to facilitate that happening.
Ian rejoins.
Malcolm: Will discuss with Bob in the coming week.
Bob: Would like to come in before reopening to reduce risk once more people are out and about.
Bob: Router table and bandsaw need sorting, shouldn't need parts. Planer thicknesser may also be fixable.
Betty: Asks if any of these tools are on 3-phase (not available due to delays)
Bob: These tools are not (so it will be possible to service and test them)
Bob+Malcolm: Yellow planer also needs looking at.
Joshua: Suggests they drop Trustees or Matt a message once they have a time so we can facilitate. Thanks them for volunteering to make it happen.
Joshua: Space currently has a lot of bits of ducting ready to be fitted, there may be some clearing up to do in that regard.
Bob: Asks what we're waiting for.
Joshua: 3 phase, and acceptance testing on all of the wiring (requiring many sockets and conduits to be left open)
Meeting closed