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"I want to take BarBot to EMF 2016. However, last year it really took all my time, and much of Ian's and other people's too. I want to share the load this time, and take a back seat myself.

So I'm looking for volunteers to run BarBot. It's a lot of work, but a lot of fun too. Can't pay you. Can't buy you an EMF ticket. I might be able to make you a T-shirt." Mouse (talk) 13:27, 17 September 2015 (UTC)

Volunteer Positions

BarBot Manager

  • Overseeing packing & transport
  • Overseeing setup / tear down / cleaning at the event
  • Planning opening times, operator shifts
  • Purchasing supplies (booze, ice, mixers, glasses)
  • Generally making sure everything runs smoothly

You'll have a lot of freedom to run BarBot how you want, but get support where you need it.

There'll be quite a bit to do before the event. You'll get plenty of support and training from Mouse and other BarBot makers. We learned a lot and documented things pretty well last time. One of the pre-event things to do is train you how to set up and take down BarBot. We don't have a written procedure for that at the moment, so what would be great is if you help us write one by participating in some test runs and helping to write some docs.

BarBot Operators (3+ positions available)

  • Helping with setup / teardown / cleaning
  • Preparing the tent with tables, signage and so on
  • Running BarBot during the event:
    • Ingredient prep (cutting lemons, loading dispensers, preparing glasses and such)
    • Guiding punters on how to order (with their smartphones / computers)
    • Age-verifying punters & starting drink serving with the operator console
    • Refilling dispensers
    • Crowd management
    • Politely reminding punters that BarBor runs on donations
    • Keeping the tent tidy

We'll give you full training on how to operate BarBot and some basic troubleshooting stuff too. It runs remarkably smoothly once set up.