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Intended Use Storage of tools
Manufacturer Bisley
Model Drawer Unit
Team Woodworking
Floor Upstairs
Area Workshop
Floorplan - Woodworking Tray Store.png
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This is a blue 15-drawer cabinet in the workshop where miscellaneous tools are stored.


Currently, drawers are allocated to:

  • Auger bits (drill deep holes in wood using a drill-brace and these)
  • Blades (spare blades for hacksaws and knives)
  • Circular (chop) saw blades
  • Detail Sander sheets
  • Glass cutters and other 'special' tools such as step drill
  • Grinding wheels for 100mm, 115mm and 6" grinders
  • Grinding wheels for 230mm angle grinder
  • Measuring (IR-tapemeasure, calipers, etc.)
  • Pliers
  • Pop Rivet kit
  • Pop Riveters
  • Pop Rivets (in compartmented box)
  • Spanners etc.
  • Special Long and Wide Drills
  • Tank cutter

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To Do

Not all drawers are labelled - It is probably time that the pair of cabinets (Bisley and Triumph) were re-organised and sorted as a single resource.