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DH to add section on children to the members welcome docs.
DH to add section on children to the members welcome docs.
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Attendees: Michael Erskine (ME), David Hayward (DH), James Hayward (JH), Matt Little (ML1), Matt Lloyd (ML2), Dominic Morrow (DM)

Apologies: Michael Proctor (MP)

2011-0001 - Incorporation

A discussion takes place about what we are incorporating as, along with future thoughts on charitable status.

Agreed: Incorporate as Not for Profit, Limited by Guarantee

ML1 not to be named as director, due to other commitments

Actions:ML1 agrees to investigate and incorporate. Initial budget of £100 set. Any more to be agreed by board

2011-0002 - Management Roles

General talk around the “management roles” page that DM had set up on the wiki.

Agreed: There will be a board member responsible for each area, along with a deputy.

This is not to exclude members, but just to give things some general coordination

(Rule 3 still in effect).

Actual work will be completed by board and members; board responsible for overview.

Roles will be

  • Hackspace Infrastructure - ML2 to lead, DH to deputise
  • Membership Management - DH to lead, DM to deputise
  • Events Management and Marketing - DM to lead, ML1 to deputise
  • Treasury and accounts - MP to lead, DM to deputise
  • Commercial interests - ME to lead, JH to deputise
  • Tools and consumables - ML1 to lead, ME to deputise
  • Web services - JH to lead, ML2 to deputise

2011-0003 - Heating for Winter

Need to keep place warm, as rather than complain, people just won’t come.

Agreed: Integrated heater too expensive due to standing gas charge

Draft exclusion needed

Heat small spaces, designated warm areas

Entire space heated on Wednesday

PVC strips to break larger areas up

Actions: DM to chase building management about broken windows

2011-0004 - Membership

Discussion around two documents produced by DH and circulated before the meeting - Member Guidelines and New Members Welcome Pack.

Agreed: Board photos to go on wall

Photos of ID of all members to be kept

All members should have keys

Hackspace will have keys and RFID in stock for new members, £10 refundable deposit.

Actions: JH & DH work to clean up new members form

DH to perform census of current membership, gather IDs

DH to investigate bulk key-buying rates

2011-0005 - Facilities, co-working space

Although worries were voiced by JH, general agreement was reached that we need to make the space more accessible to co-workers. DH mentioned conversation with Jake about starting a freelance day to encourage participation; DH to start making this happen.

Agreed: Blue room to be made more useful. More desks, power points, etc

Some stuff to move from wall of boxes to workshop / studio

Museum to move to studio

Actions: Additional details/work to be done by infrastructure committee

2011-0006 - Vending Machine

Enough pledges have been received to purchase vending machine, which isn’t refrigerated. Missing shelf is probably an issue.

Actions: DM to investigate if machine is missing shelves, and if so, how much to replace them.

2011-0007 - Friends Wall

DH has tweaks to make to the artwork, but will sort shortly (Update: 22/6: Completing with Tony on 23rd)

2011-0008 - Neighbours

We need to co-exist with our neighbours, the main ones being church and dance school, but no matter how much we try to keep the noise down, it won’t be enough. General agreement that the building is always going to be noisy. Too many restrictions will drive hackers away.

Agreed: As the church is not willing to compromise, we are not willing to make concessions.

Happy to make occasional concessions to dance school, for exams, etc.

2011-0009 - Events

Tim Hunkin to visit

Actions: DM to round robin in all the usual places (hackspace groups, instructables, what’s on, etc.)

2011-0010 - BarCamp

BarCamp is coming, lots to do

Actions: DM to arrange meeting with Gemma to discuss requirements

ML2 to ensure 3D printer is working, with logo to sell

JH to ensure snackspace fully stocked and staffed

Pass on direction details for the bcnotts.co.uk websites

2011-0011 - Screen Printing

This can’t happen until wet area is built. We are currently waiting on sink.

2011-0012 - Bike Maintenence

Actions: DH to arrange workshop and gauge interest for regular event.

2011-0013 - Sew much fun

DM would like them to be helped, event pushed, etc. DH disappointed that no info came back regarding the textile table. DM pointed out that not everyone uses a computer regularly.

Actions: ML1 to attend on Monday to discover requirements

2011-0014 - Finances

Membership levels on track to reach required levels, although average membership is slightly too low.

Agreed: Finances should be transparent, without IDs

Actions: The board need to define membership targets for each month to make sure the hackspace is sustainable: DH to do.

[JH has to leave at this point, DH continues taking minutes]

2011-0015 - A.O.B.

Children: DM asks if people would object to children being in the space. It’s generally agreed that they should be welcome, but the hackspace is a fundamentally adult social environment. Under 16s must be supervised by an adult, and children attending are expected to be engaged with the space in some way, i.e. doing some kind of hacky project. All are wary of the space becoming a creche.

Arcade machines: All agree that the arcade machines are cluttering up the corner of the workshop.

Electricity: Concerns raised about how Bizspace are metering us.

Actions: Arcade machines to be moved into kitchen by ML and helpers.

Meter reading to be taken every two weeks to see how Bizspace costs square with it.

DH to add section on children to the members welcome docs.