EMF Camp 2012

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As it says on the Electromagnetic Field site:

We're a non-profit group bringing a hacker camp (like CCC, HAR, and toorcamp) to the UK in 2012. It'll be a bit like a cross between a music festival and a conference with a wide range of talks on geeky subjects.

It's Friday, 31st August to Sunday, 2nd September at Pineham Park in Milton Keynes.

Nottingham Hackspace will be hosting a Village - basically a mobile Hackspace!


Weekend attendees

Name Transport Sleeping Food
James H JH Car - Driving JH Tent Yes - Paid
Matt Ll JH Car - Passenger JH Tent Yes
Dominic DM Van - Driving DM Tent Yes
Kate AA Car - Passenger KB Tent Yes
Andrew A AA Car - Driving AA Tent Yes
Martin MR Car - Driving MR Tent Yes
James F Train JF Tent Yes
Wendy JH Car - Passenger WG Tent Yes
Gillian DM Van - Passenger GZ Tent Yes
Jake AA Car - Passenger MR Tent Yes
Ben BG Car - Driver BG Tent Yes
David H ? ? Yes

Day Guests

Name Day Transport
Mark Saturday MP Car - Driving


Village Plan

Our village will be two 3mx6m gazebos and two 3mx3m gazebos. We will need a fair amount of equipment to set up the village, listed below. If you can help with anything, pop it down.

Item Quantity Category Source Status
Gazebos 3mx6m 2 Shelter JH In James's Garage
Gazebo 3mx3m 1 Shelter JH In James's Garage
Gazebo 3mx3m 1 Shelter MR Martins Shed
Groundsheets 3 Shelter HS & KB On Pile
Floor Covering 3 Shelter MR MR Garage
25m extension 16A 1 Power MarkP On Pile
16A 3 way 1 Power MarkP On Pile
16A to 13A converter 2/3? Power MarkP On Pile
13A to 16A converter 2 Power MarkP On Pile
13A extensions Many HS In boxes
16A waterproof lights 2 Lighting MarkP On Pile
13A LED strips 2 lighting MarkP On Pile
13A Strip Lights 3-4 Lighting Hackspace On Pile
Tables 3-4 Furniture Hackspace In Studio
Benches 12 Furniture MR Delivery Friday
Hay Bales 10 Furniture EMF Delivery Friday
Banquet Roll 1 Furniture HS On Pile
60m Cat5 1 Network MarkP In Pile
8/16 Port Switch 1 Network ML On Pile
Patch Cables, various sizes 10-20 Network ML On Pile
BBQ 1 Food JH James's Garage
Charcoal Lots Food JH On Pile
Food 1 Food JH EMF Camp 2012 Food
Camping Fridge & Gas 2 Food JH Friend's House
Fire Pit 1 Food JH James's Garage
Wood Lots Food JH On Pile
Kitchen Roll 2-3 Food HS On Pile
Tin Foil 1-2 Food JH James's House
Bin Bags Roll Food WG Home
Cutting Board 2 Food WG Home
Knife 2 Food WG (Definitely don't want to loose them though)
BBQ Tools 2 Food JH James's Garage
Washing Liquid 1 Food WG home
Washing Bowl 1 Food WG home
Water Containers, Large 2 Food ? ?
Soldering Irons, etc 12 Sets Hackspace HS On Pile
Badge Kits 50 Sets Hacksapce HS On Pile, awaiting extra PCBs
Craft bits/Construction Materials Small Tonne Hackspace MR/KB Martins Garage/On Pile
Laser Cutter + Laptop 1 Hackspace HS In Workshop
MicroUSB Cable 2-3 Hackspace ? ?
Bookmarks Lots Promo HS On Pile
Banner 1 Promo HS On Pile