EMF Camp 2012 Food

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12 people have put in £15 each which gives us £180 to spend, for these meals:

  • Friday Dinner
  • Saturday Breakfast
  • Saturday Lunch
  • Saturday Dinner
  • Sunday Breakfast
  • Sunday Lunch
  • Sunday Dinner
  • Monday Breakfast (cold)

Meal Plan

I will plan the meals below with the assumption of 12 people (1 gluten free). If I can, I will get some extra burgers and sausages for snacks!

Friday Dinner

Minted lamb steaks and mashed potato with gravy

Saturday and Sunday Breakfast

2x Bacon, 1x Sausage, Beans, Grilled Tomatoes, Scrambled eggs (possibly mushrooms)

Saturday and Sunday Lunch

Burger, in bun with salad, onions and relish. Crisps

3 burgers each over two days

Saturday Dinner

Piri Piri marinated chicken breast and spicy rice

Sunday Dinner

Steak with fresh corn on the cob

Shopping List


I will go to the butcher and obtain enough meat for these meals something like:

Item Quantity For Status
Bacon 48 Breakfasts Ordered, pickup Thursday
Sauasage 24+ Breakfasts Ordered, pickup Thursday
Minted Lamb steaks 12 Dinner Ordered, pickup Thursday
Burgers (inc gluten free) 36+ Lunches Ordered, pickup Thursday
Chicken breasts 12 Dinner Ordered, pickup Thursday
Steak 12 Dinner Ordered, pickup Thursday
Estimated Cost £80-100


Item Quantity For Status
Tomatoes 21 Breakfasts and Lunches To get
Large Onions 8 Lunches To get
Iceberg lettuce 3 Lunches To get
Mushrooms Lots Breakfasts To get
Corn on the Cob 12+ Dinners and Snacks To get
Potatoes Enough for 12 Dinner To get

Tins & Condiments

Item Quantity For Status
Beans 8 Breakfasts Got (12) - JH
Table Salt 1 General Hackspace
Pepper ? General Got - JH
Ketchup 1 General Got - JH
Sugar 1 General Got - JH
Mustard (Sqeezy) 1 General Got - JH
Brown sauce 1 General Got - JH
Salsa and Dips ? Snacks Hmmm??
Relishes 3 Lunch Got - JH
Piri Piri Marinade 3 Dinner Got - JH

Bread & Dairy

Item Quantity For Status
Burger Buns 36(+) Burgers Pickup Friday 8:30am at Birds Poultry store
Hot Dog Buns 10(+) For additional sausages only Pickup Friday 8:30am at Birds Poultry store
Croissants 12+ Monday Breakfast To get
Milk 2x 4pt General To get
Eggs 24 Breakfasts To get
Butter 1 Breakfasts/General To get
Sliced Cheese 36+ Burgers Got - JH


Item Quantity For Status
Crisps 24+ Lunch/Snacks Got - JH
Spicy Rice ? Dinner Got - JH
Cereal Multipacks x 2? Breakfasts Got - JH
Tortillas 10 Snacks To get
Other snacks ? As funds allow Got - JH


  • Tea - got
  • Coffee - got
  • Sodas (?)
  • Beer (?)
  • Vodka (?)
  • Rum (?)
  • Maté (?)