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==== Books According To Shelf ====
==== Books According To Shelf ====
Shelves are organised roughly by category, as follows (counting down from the top):
Shelves are organised roughly by category.
===== Left Bookshelf =====
Details of these shelves will be written.
* '''Shelf Left One''' - Fiction, Comics and Hackable Books
* '''Shelf Left Two''' - Art, Craft, Photography, and Music
* '''Shelf Left Three''' - Nerd Culture and NottingNook
* '''Shelf Left Four''' - Computing
* '''Shelf Left Five''' - Fiction
* '''Shelf Left Six''' - Computing
===== Right Bookshelf =====
* '''Shelf Right One''' - Games
* '''Shelf Right Two''' - Electronics & DIY
* '''Shelf Right Three''' - Science & Learnings
* '''Shelf Right Four''' - New Book Depository
* '''Shelf Right Five''' - Business, Comics and Computing (Behind the blue sofa)
* '''Shelf Right Six''' - Business, Comics and Computing (Behind the blue sofa)
Shelves behind the blue sofa can still be accessed, if you don't mind moving the sofa.
A list of which book is on which shelf will be written.
=== Borrowing Books ===
=== Borrowing Books ===

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Hackspace Library

The Hackspace Library consists of books donated or long-term loaned by members, focusing primarily on making, hacking, and reusing.

It is located in the comfy area, creating a dividing wall between the studio and the comfy area.


Current Library Catalogue

The Catalogue is a work in progress and edited by User:Kate.

Catalogue Categories

The Catalogue is currently divided into 17 categories:

  • Art & Design - For books about art, making art, and design.
  • Business - For books on running a business, management, employment, etc.
  • Comics - For comic books and graphic novels.
  • Computing - For books on computers, computing languages, robotics, etc.
  • Craft - For books on textiles, papercraft, etc.
  • DIY - For books on woodworking, making things, repairing things, etc.
  • Electronics - For books on electronics and electrics
  • Engineering - For books on engineering and construction
  • Fiction - For any fiction
  • First Aid - For books on first aid
  • History - For any non-fiction history books
  • Hokum - For books on the paranormal, parapsychological, and general nonsense passed as science
  • Learnings - For any books on passing tests, studying a subject, etc.
  • Music - For song books and books on playing instruments
  • Nerd Culture - A catch-all for any books that have topics that are popular in hackspace life, including pop culture, open source, and hacking
  • Photography - Books on photography
  • Science - Books on science

These categories are mutable and may be removed or appended at any time.

Books According To Shelf

Shelves are organised roughly by category.

Details of these shelves will be written.

Borrowing Books

Books can be borrowed when needed. A system is being organised for borrowing, but it will be fairly simple and not requiring more than noting that a book exists, but it is out with a member.

Giving Books

Donations are always gratefully accepted.

All donations should go initially onto the "New Book Depository" shelf, so that they can be recorded into the system. Once they're in the catalogue, they will be moved to the appropriate shelf.

Long-Term Loans

Long-term loans of books are appreciated. Currently, please place a post-it note in the front of the book with your name. This will then be picked up by Kate, and added to the catalogue notes.

Hackable Books

There will (and should) be books in the library that can be converted into other uses.

These books will be marked in the catalogue as "Hackable" and will have a post-it note inside stating so.

If donating books that can be hacked, please place a post-it note in the front of the book with "Hackable" on it.

If hacking a book, please take photos of your work, so that we can show off the awesome work you do.


The Hackspace also has a Nook Simple E-Reader, named NottingNook. It is located in the abridged Last Of The Mohicans book with the black elastic on it.

NottingNook will host a wide range of out-of-copyright fiction and non-fiction, including many books on making.

The list of books on NottingNook is being created and will be on this site shortly.

We ask that NottingNook does not leave the space.