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Kindle Touch Interface

CNC Room

CNCRoom Interface.jpg

Blue Room

BlueRoom Interface Context.jpg BlueRoom Interface Close.jpg

Momentary Press Switches

CNC Corridor

400px 250px

Main Corridor

Main Corridor Switch.jpg Main Corridor Switch Context.jpeg


Classroom Switch.jpg Classroom Switch Context.jpg

Downstairs Members Storage

DMS Switch Close.jpg DMS Switch Context.jpg

Wifi switces

CNC Room

Below the touch screen

CNCRoom Interface.jpg

Blue Room

On the printer

BlueRoom Interface Context.jpg

Old Plans

Switch Panels

Smaller Switches

Kitchen Toilets.JPG

There are four smaller switch's around the space, these are simple push button's with XRF's.

The basic box was produced using Box Maker then to this was added holes for the switches and the awesome icons thanks to The Noun Project
The finished design's were cutting useing the laser cutter in the space.

Light Switch.JPG

Icon Credit

Simon Child, from The Noun Project for the Light Bulb and the Electric Kettle icons.
Piero Borgo, from The Noun Project for the Toilet Paper icon.