Maker Faire 2015

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The weekend of 25th - 26th April 2015 is the UK Maker Faire, held at the Centre for Life in Newcastle.

There will be a Nottingham Hackspace table you can volunteer at. Unless you are volunteering, you will need to buy a ticket.

Many people choose to go up on Friday and come back on Monday.


There are plenty of hotels around the area.

Here's a Google Map of them.

Members Going

Member Getting there Leaving Staying Transport Helping with/Paying Pass?
Kate Friday Monday Hampton by Hilton TBD Volunteering/Organising
'RepRap' Matt Friday Monday Royal Station Hotel TBD Volunteering
Toby Jackson Friday Sunday Royal Station Hotel Own Car. Some space Volunteering
James Fowkes Friday Monday Royal Station Hotel No Car Volunteering
Andreas Friday Monday TBD No Car Volunteering
Mouse Friday Whatever TBD With Toby Volunteering
Rob Friday Sunday Royal Station Hotel With Toby Volunteering
Froggy Friday (I think) Sunday(ish) With Friends No Car Volunteering
Vic Friday Sunday Ryton Country House Car - Space for 2/3 depending on luggage Volunteering


Car # Driver People Spaces left Room for projects? Going Returning to Nottingham Room for stuff?
1 Toby Mouse, Rob 0 Yes Friday Sunday None remaining after own projects
2 Vicki Adam 2? Yes Friday Sunday Yes
3 Andreas Kate, Matt, James 0 Yes Friday Monday Not much?


Project Description/Notes Maker
Knitting Patterns Examples (one shawl, pair of fingerless gloves, and a toy skull) and free patterns to give out Kate
Water Tribe Shawl Shawl Kate
Scrolling LED display Umm.... a scrolling LED display Matt/Jake
The Marvellous Booze Fogger Quest Item, will run alcoholic and non... Toby
Rope Maker Makes rope Mouse
BarBot parts Makes cocktails Mouse