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Tools that need identifying as to owner or status.

Please help!

  • Clarke CR2 1/2" Router in plastic case under the second workshop bench. Is it a donation to the 'space, or is it a personal item? left behind by mistake (although it look unused)? If it is a donation to the 'space, we can consider buying some tools for the larger collet size, and possibly a larger router table for use with this.
  • Wrought-iron tool kit. Various items, apparently an almost complete kit, but no documentation. This is known to be a donated-to-Hackspace tool, but is unusable without some knowledge about how to use it.
    • Does this include a bending type tool? If so, this could be part of a big donation we got just as we moved into Hackspace 2 from a lady in Derby whose husband had recently died. I doubt anyone knows how to use it James (talk) 12:45, 30 May 2014 (UTC) Information (usage videos, also available on DVD) is available at [MetalCraft]
  • Whetstone sharpeners'. For tools (chisels, plane irons). We have two, neither is normally set up for use. Do we need to invest in a drill-sharpening jig?
    • We have a drill-sharpening jig (modern version of the 'Picador' one) at the end of the metalworking area with a bench-top grinder.
    • Another jig, able to accommodate much longer drills is part of the Warco lathe / Wabeco Mill equipment.