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Panel B (48 port 1U) is locate in the CNC Room network cabinet.

Patch Panel B Mapping.png

Socket Description 2of9 Port
B01 Blue room - Door bell / temp node e38
B02 Blue room e3
B03 Blue room e5
B04 Blue room e7
B05 Blue room e9
B06 Blue room e11
B07 Blue room e13
B08 Blue room e15
B09 Blue room e17
B10 Blue room e19
B11 Blue room e21
B12 Blue room e23
B13 Blue room e25
B14 Blue room e27
B15 Blue room e29
B16 Blue room e31
B17 Blue room - GateKeeper e33 (Green)
B18 To D41 - UPS Crosslink
B19 To D42 - UPS Crosslink
B25 CNC room e2
B26 CNC room e4
B27 CNC room e6
B28 CNC room e8
B29 CNC room - Resin Printer e39 (green)
B30 CNC room e12
B31 CNC room e14
B32 CNC room e16
B33 CNC room - 3D Printer e37 (green)
B34 CNC room e20
B35 CNC room e22
B36 CNC room e41 (Blue)
B37 CNC corridor e26
B38 CNC corridor e28
B39 Team strogage - UPS e42 (Blue)
B40 Team storage - Gatekeeper e34 (Green)
B41 CNC coridor - Gatekeeper e35 (Green)
B42 CNC room - Lighting automation controller e36 (Green)
B43 Cat6 - To C43 g49 (White)
B44 Cat6 - To C44 Unimatrix<>Queen (Brown)
B45 Cat6 - To C45
B46 Cat6 - To D46 Locutus<>Queen (Brown)
B47 Cat6 - To D47
B48 Cat6 - To D48