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Not currently running and not for general member access


The openVPN server running on Kyrten provides a secure link into the hackspace network.
In order to access the VPN members will require a copy of the NottingHack CA .crt and there own 1024bit rsa key/crt signed by the NottingHack CA
They will also need a copy of our client.conf.

Members can generate there own key's and a certificate signing request using easy-rsa (included with openVPN install) To generate a certificate signing request you will require our CA.crt which can be found on http://hollyvm/CA.crt note this is only accessible form the backspace network
Bellow are details needed to verify the CA.crt

Time sync on Kryten is done with ntp:// and clients wishing to connected should also use the uk pool

Will add details on generating rsa key and CSR at a later date--'RepRap' Matt 09:44, 26 February 2012 (EST)


Will add this later --'RepRap' Matt 09:44, 26 February 2012 (EST)

NottinHack CA

Organizastion: NottingHack
Common Name: NottingHack CA
Serial Number: 00 CD 13 28 FE C7 03 06 AA

SHA-256: 0F 3C 8B 44 CE BA 60 F8 91 CD EB B6 01 CE 61 CC 82 76 A1 C7 45 8E 10 F2 89 2C 22 2E FA C9 33 EC
SHA-1: E9 DE 6C 37 9A 9D 22 57 8F AC 88 74 FD E3 C4 5E 17 A7 B0 2C


Chaosvpn is a fully meshed VPN to connect the hackerspaces and other spaces where hackers are around. Nottinghack may in the future enable a link to this network.

ChaosVPN reserved network range: [1]