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The Hackspace rules can now be found at

Any rules found on this wiki are superseded by those at as of 15th May 2016
What is left below is of historic reference only

These rules are not set in stone. Please remember this is a Wiki, so if you see the rules need improving then just change them yourself. Before making significant changes or adding a new rule, propose it first on the mailing list, because we don't want an explosion of rules.

Note that these pages are only editable by members, and the numbers only reflect the order in which we added them, not their importance.

Rule Zero

  1. Do Not Be On Fire.

Being a Member

How to become a member

  1. Pay-What-You-Like But Pay Monthly
  2. The 35L Rule

Using the Space

  1. Talk is Cheap Discussing ideas is wonderful and exciting, getting too attached to them is not. See The Bikeshed Anti-Pattern. Rule sometimes also interpreted as "Just get on with it".
  2. No CRTs Thank You relates to Hackspace donations & equipment you may bring to the Hackspace. Carefully consider the true usefulness and/or interestingness of an item before bringing it to the space. Seek permission for large items.
  3. DO NOT HACK means DO NOT HACK If you're leaving something and you would rather it was not hacked, please label it with a DO NOT HACK notice. If you see something has a DO NOT HACK notice on, don't hack it.
  4. Don't just *try* to clean up after yourself. Aim to clean up a little bit more mess than you make, because we all miss things from time to time, and mess builds up.
  5. The Space is Not For Sleeping Under the terms and attendant fire regs of our lease, overnight stays are not officially allowed.
  6. Don't be a contemptible fellow (be excellent to each other) - This is our main rule of behaviour. It takes priority over all other rules.

Provisional Rules

  1. Be Bold - This is a newly-proposed rule under discussion.