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Items for possible discussion:

1. "A Grand idea"

A kind of super-pledge-drive. Rather than simply observing the state of the back account (in ignorance of monies committed, but not yet spent) and using that to incrementally improve the 'space, we should be bold, and see if the membership can quickly commit to putting £1000 (A Grand) into the pot, which would be matched from the bank account. With the current membership (200+) a fiver a head (on average) would see this done in no time at all.

Each pledge / contribution could be accompanied by a preference for where the money should be spent. With £2000 available, we could make some real improvements to the space and tools.

Just as a starter: Planer-Thicknesser (£400), Box & Pan Sheetmetal Folder (£300), 1/2" router, table and tools (£500) - it would be easy to make 4 or 5 major improvements within this expenditure.

David Clarke. (Note - I was about to add another topic for a member about pledge drives, so I am going to add a general 'Lets discuss how pledge drives work' topic for the meeting - Jake Howe)