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Amendments to the Constitution for AGM 2020

Making notes for amendments that need to be made, but making them in advance of the next AGM. --Kate (talk) 14:52, 26 November 2019 (UTC)


Articles of Association - needs to link to File:Nottingham Hackspace Ltd M&A.pdf

Nottinghack and The Space needs to go above The Board, in order to match up the definitions for The Board with Trustee

Member needs to refer to Section 1.1 of the Articles, not Section 2.

Annual General Meetings

Add in a new 2.3.1 and adjust all numbering afterwards accordingly.
2.3.1 All submissions must identify what exists in the current Constitution and/or Articles and what is being proposed as a change

Add in 2.7.1
2.7.1 A member can attend the AGM through a proxy vote, as specified in 1.161-1.172 of the Articles

Amend 2.8
2.8 Constitutional changes can only be carried by a 60% of more majority of AGM attendees

Move 2.4, 2.5, and 2.6 down under 2.9 and rearrange numbers accordingly, so that all the EGM stuff is together


Amend 4.3
4.3 any sum as part of their monthly dues from the member to Nottinghack is not paid in full within six weeks of it falling due - a minimum of one reminder will be sent during that time;


Amend 5.3.1
A replacement Trustee servers the remainder of the retiring Trustee's term. This does not count towards the consecutive terms counted in 1.3

Renumbering sections

The flow would be better if it went:

  1. Trustees
  2. Elections
  3. Making Decisions
  4. Board Meetings
  5. Annual General Meetings
  6. Terminations

This way it goes (loosely):

  1. What trustees are
  2. How we get them in
  3. How they make decisions
  4. How we communicate monthly
  5. How we communicate annually
  6. What we have to do in case of an ex-member

Effective discussion

As we saw in 2019, the current method and timeline for submissions does not give any room for discussion, debate or clarification before the amendments are locked.

I would propose making alterations such that:

  • submissions carry with them a clear definition of the purpose of the amendment, covering what currently happens, why this is perceived to be a problem, and how the amendment aims to redress that
  • submissions in the main carry with them the name of the proposer, unless they have specifically requested anonymity
  • submissions be put forward no later than 2 weeks before the AGM
  • submissions be able to be amended up to 1 week (7 days) before the AGM by either the original proposer (with a reason for the amended submission) or by the Trustees in order to clarify its meaning or effectiveness
  • in the event that a submission is amended by the Trustees, the original proposer can ask that it be voted on in the original form should the amended submission not pass

Jymbob (talk) 15:20, 26 November 2019 (UTC)