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Talk:New Laser Cutter Project 2014/Pledge Drive

Revision as of 00:32, 11 February 2014 by Robert (talk | contribs)

For a quick way to recalculate the total, paste the following block of code into the developer console run it when viewing the wiki page:

var total=0.0;$('.wikitable td:nth-child(2)').each(function(index,value){total+=parseFloat($(value).text().substring(2));});alert('£'+total+' (£'+(4000-total)+' to goal)');

To access the developer/JavaScript console:

  • Firefox (Windows: Ctrl + Shift + K)
  • Chrome (Windows: Ctrl + Shift + J)
  • IE 11 (Windows: F12 then Ctrl + 2)

The screenshot below shows the expected result when pasting it into the console in Chrome and pressing "Enter" to run it. Jscript calc laser.jpg

Nice, thank you for this!