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Tools Wish List

Bellow is a list of tools we would like to either buy or be donated to the hackspace.

Steel Rules, 30cm and 1m

Dremel Dremel Bits Dremel Stand

Jewelers Screwdrivers


Wire Cutters Bull Nose Pliers Needle Nose Pliers

Panel Saw

Pillar Drill

Jig Saw

Metal Lathe

Bench Grinder and Belt Sander

Tap And Die set

Quick Clamps 18"

Multi Meters

Bench Supplies (hacked PSU's?)

CNC Mill



Rubber Mallet

Lump Hammer


cable crimps

jump leads with croc clips at each end


logic analyzer

UV exposure box

bubble etch tank

chop saw

good dust extractor

vacuum cleaner

bits draws

screen printing stand

socket set

drill bit set (lots of)

spanner set

Torx screwdrivers

PCB drill (dremel and stand)

Vacuum former

Laser cutter

allen key set (ball end)

Torque wrench

Laser printer


Files wood

Files Metal

Cordless drill driver



Birmingham screwdriver

Sky hooks

Weighing scales

Air compressor

Nail gun

Air compressor tools

Air brush

Lock pick tools

Wifi-access point